5 Easy Ways To Capitalize On Patience

"5 Easy Ways To Capitalize On Patience"

It is said that patience is the mother of all virtues because it holds all virtues in it. Because all great learning comes with its burdens and challenges, patience, is undoubtedly, the one that triggers most of us. So, is patience, a true hard lesson or simply a misunderstood path? Would there be a way to smooth the journey or does it have to be one of pain and hurt?

On one side, patience is the ability to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay. On the other side is a quiet, steady perseverance and even-tempered care attitude. The first expresses a resistance to a circumstance tied with expectation while the latter is a conscious and grounded attitude tied to the self.

Patience is a space given to the self as a way to let it know that while the expected purpose is still worth holding, the time to get it isn’t fully ready. This is the time to investigate what is missing, what is unresolved, what must be forgiven, forgotten or let go of. Patience is a warning system from the soul to remind you that your most essential work is to grow wise. Your dream helps you get there, but your mind must consciously walk every single step. To help you keep the walk meaningful and purposeful.

Here are 5 easy ways to enjoy your journey and ensure that patience doesn’t trigger you but more so benefit you.

{Bring awareness}

Patience is only telling you: not there yet because you must focus on something before. So, any time you feel that you must be patience, redirect your energy onto what requires attention. Begin to become aware of what you need to develop to ensure your goal. Whether it is a quality you must reveal, a skill you must master or a attitude you must embodied, there is something trying to attract your attention on what is currently missing and requires fulfillment so that your final experience becomes outstanding.

{Redirect your energy}

Life is always an exchange of give and take. Remember that when things aren’t given to you, there are two major reasons for it which both are due to the natural principle of Life: You either have to give or you are being given and you are not realizing it. Focusing on what you may not get, is creating a reverse flow which ultimately slows the creative process of your physical reality. Redirect your focus onto what you may give now or what you may have been given and did not recognize. This will easy the flow back to a forward motion.

{Being versus doing}

The great misunderstanding of our time is thinking that doing does more than being. Patience is a great lesson that teaches us that this isn’t a truth. Everything is born from being-ness and moves into doing-ness. Patience is a reminder that while you have done all the work in your control and power, there is a need for the “behind-the-scene” work to take place before the design unfolds as whole. Focus on breathing and realize that when exhalation is done, it requires inhalation before returning. Notice the now and identify whether or not, your current situation is an doing or a being phase and act accordingly.

{Explore the possible}

Moments that are offered wrapped in patience is times that are precious for pure creativity. Instead of getting your mind stuck on what does not happen, it can be opening onto an infinite space for creativity where everything is possible. Give your self this time to write ideas that wish to come through without questioning their validity, feasibility or value. Give your mind a way to take off into the horizons of the impossible and invest its curiosity into new mindful adventures. Patience may hold time for one thing in the now yet it offers every others possibilities as yours to explore, safely.

{Realize the wisdom}

For those who diligently work on their own personal growth, patience is the master that leads the way. The wisdom that it presents in terms of personal development is infinite. The virtues that it offers to embrace are priceless: Humility, perseverance, poise, equanimity, calmness, fortitude, tolerance and more. These are the ultimate tools of the peace maker, the true leader, the lover and the master. Patience is the path of the most rewarding journey; one of self-discovery and self, mastery. Whoever embraces the path of patience uncovers a means for true happiness.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Jack Durish says:

    I agree totally that patience will lead to a fuller, more satisfying life, but (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) impatience is one of the keys to success. All great edifices were built by those who were impatient with the status quo. All great advances in science were made by those impatient with limits. Single-minded, bull-headed determination will mow down all obstacles even when you have chosen the most arduous path, while more patient folk are still waiting, deciding on the better one to take. But, that’s just my opinion.

    • Hello Jack! Happy to read you! There is great wisdom in Impatience as there is great wisdom in everything.. indeed, Impatience expressed as a daring space t:-)o move the boundaries or challenge the status quo has its purpose for growth. Thank you for your insight! Keep reading us!

  2. Excellent post Aline…The idea of focusing on being-ness as opposed to doing-ness is a very profound thought! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Andrea! Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment! Beingness is too often misunderstood and mistaken for a space of nothing happening whereas… it is where everything truly happens.. <3 Take good care! :-)

  3. Brilliant points here. I like the idea of Being versus doing. I’d like to add something here, you can actually convert patience into holding back your negative emotions as well? I don’t know if it’s possible with everyone I try to harness my patience into that most often. I really get a hold on my anger and frustration whenever I’m patient. Your quote at the end is magnificent, classy!


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