5 Creative Ways To Promote Your Brand With Fun

"5 Creative Ways To Promote Your Brand With Fun"

Entrepreneurs understand that a great idea that has no way out into the world is a business that has no wings to soar. The management of a marketing plan is so essential for success that it becomes one of the primary investments ensuring the most optimum return. It must be systematically reviewed, rethought and renewed. While traditional marketing has lost its original seduction, a new wind of marketing is taking over the business world through Social Media and Networking.

It is a marketing based on cooperation, collaboration, exchange and support. It is a sense of advertisement that brings the heart of the people before the mind and create bridges instead of separations. It is a supportive marketing conductive to connection and expansion with a collateral success for result.

New Consciousness Marketing is a way that values uniqueness and togetherness as a way to succeed with a sense of prosperity for everyone. Here are 5 creative ways to promote your brand with fun, using New Consciousness Marketing or Collateral Creative Marketing. Entrust your business with a collaborative engine and run it like a champion!

1 – Social Media Collaborative Contest

Connecting on a deeper level is giving truth to relationships and therefore meaning to the path. When people unite to create fun, everyone, individually, wins. Companies and small businesses that have understood the power of connectedness and creativity have realized the tremendous power that exists in collaborative efforts. When the means are sharing goodness and great time, then the purpose aligns as so. Collaborative Contests offer platforms for several brands to share their image via a game-like venue. It is perfect to attract a new audience and share clienteles. Everyone benefit from new connections through the power of the “6 degrees of separation” principle and gains in exposure, links, reliability and market.

2 – Blogging, Offering, Sharing

The power of giving is exponential. There is a tremendous value added to your brand when you are willing to offer bits and pieces of yourself. Be willing to create a post that you dedicate fully to your audience. To transform your time in sales, you must translate yourself into something people wish to become. Blog, offer and share yourself with no expectation of return. Offer your space for guest bloggers who are aligned with your vision and messages and support their own sense of self. Give what you know you are about and show it in concrete matters.

3 – Virtual Space, concrete step

Conference and summits are great ways to share visions. Creative marketing via virtual events that offers a space for people to learn to know you is perfect to minimize your cost and maximize your exposure. Organize a virtual salon with people in your field or people outside of it. Create a space for those with whom you wish to connect by sharing the message before your own brand. People remember experience as well as names associated with experiences. Create the experience and you’ll write your name in their heart.

4 – Expertise sharing platform

People who are willing to pay for a product and/or service are also seeking ways to ease their life, find resolutions in personal or professional matters and eventually connect with those who can fulfill their unanswered questions. Create an Expertise Platform in which you are placing yourself as a guide and through which you share a “How to resolve” column or a “Free Tips” creative article. Become a solution maker for others and you will become a reference in their book of life.

5 – Systematic forwarding idea

A little move that may helps you gain a tremendous notoriety is the “Systematic Forwarding Idea” model. Used by those who wish to become a link between creative thinkers and inspiring ideas, this is the most simple step you can take to make it happen. Use your email list and once a week, compile 10 articles you have read on the net about, pretty much, everything and anything you, personally enjoy. Select those you feel are the most amazing. They can be related to your field or not at all. They are simple information you have come across and have been powerful enough to make an impact on your curiosity.

They may not be article written for your field of interest but you may be one chain away from someone who could benefit from it. Social Media is obviously answering that need already on a much wider scale but doing it on your level, gives you a way to share more than what your brand is about. It allows people to relate to you through your interests, tastes, hobbies and likes. Like-mindedness is a powerful way to meet determinant people-key.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Blogging and social media both are very important and effective ways to promote any brand in short time and in wide range but for this purpose the main and important thing is content and timing.

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