To Live Is To Create – A Conversation With Fam Mirza

"To Live Is To Create - A Conversation With Fam Mirza"

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Fam Mirza, one of the brightest young minds I’ve encountered in a long while, when I was assigned to interview him for the site, Fam is the creative director of Mirza Minds, a brand development firm. He was born to an Arab & Egyptian father and an Indian mother, and in addition to English, he speaks Arabic, Hindi and Farsi.

Afterwards, I wanted to know more about this highly driven, talented entrepreneur, so we had a typed chat on Skype, in keeping with how he and his international team do most of their work. The focus of our conversation was creation and creativity… Here are some of the highlights:

Check the Conversation Below

[togglebox state=”close” head=”Conversation Part 1″ ]Deb: Talk to me more about creation.
Fam: To live is to Create!
Fam: I believe that is why we were put on this earth
Fam: But creation comes in many different forms
Fam: I could be a writer and my writings are my creation
Deb: true enough
Fam: Just putting out your talent into the World
Fam: But being the best at what you do
Deb: You know…
Fam: Not a job, a passion
Fam: That’s the golden ticket
Deb: there have been times in my life, that the only way I felt I could get through them was to create something
Deb: like write a story, or play my flute, or something
Fam: Exactly that feeling
Deb: just make something beautiful happen
Deb: and I think about people who never do ANYTHING like that
Fam: My dad’s most famous quote when I was younger
Deb: like, all they do is watch tv and eat and buy stuff
Deb: it makes me so sad for them
Fam: “Do something!! Do anything!! I don’t care what you do just do something”
Fam: Hahaha
Deb: ha ha! yes!!
Deb: sometimes my son says, I’m so bored
Deb: and I say, that is not possible
Deb: that is not acceptable
Deb: because really, in any given moment, anything is possible!!
Fam: Anything
Deb: how is it possible to ever be bored??
Fam: Tell him to go learn something or create something
Fam: My son is 3 – I always tell him that
Deb: exactly! i tell him to go write, or draw a picture, or read a book
Deb: or build something
Deb: he might resist at first, but once he gets started, it calms him down
Deb: then he gets into it
Deb: and gets very excited
Fam: Do Something …I don’t care what you do…Just Go Do Something *Mehdi Mirza voice
Fam: hahaha
Deb: it’s perfect[/togglebox]

[togglebox state=”closed” head=”Conversation Part 2″ ]Fam: Creativity is how you portray your business ideas to the World
Fam: You might have the greatest product as far as functionality but without creative branding/marketing behind it the world may never see it
Deb: SO true…
Deb: there’s a beauty in being able to communicate effectively about an idea in a way that moves people
Fam: In a way that moves people, in a way that connects with people
Fam: In the end Life is not composed of days
Fam: It’s composed or hours, minutes, seconds
Fam: Every brand, every company, is fighting for seconds
Fam: Fighting for seconds in front of the consumer’s face
Deb: yes.
Fam: How will you compete with them
Fam: It’s not enough to just have a great idea it’s MUCH more
Deb: well also, it seems you are tapping into something deeper in people
Deb: a need to give back, to help
Deb: i believe most people have that need
Fam: Everyone
Deb: for some, it’s out of a religious belief
Deb: that one should tithe, help the community, the poor
Deb: for others it’s just a broad sense of social justice
Deb: and I guess others see it as a way to keep the spiritual balance
Deb: good karma and all that…
Fam: Yes def
Deb: I have a feeling that basing business on that kind of energy will produce an entirely different result than just the business as usual kind of profit motive
Deb: it has to
Deb: it’s just essentially on a different level of interaction
Deb: with people, with the planet
Fam: I like the fact that you said basing Business on Energy
Fam: A Business Model based off Good Energy
Fam: I likes[/togglebox]

[togglebox state=”closed” head=”Conversation Part 3″ ]Fam: Failure is only an event
Deb: you get over it
Fam: A wise man once said
Fam: TRUE SUCCESS is the ability to move from one failure to the next without any lack of enthusiasm
Deb: lol
Fam: That man failed all of his life until he was 62
Fam: do you know who that man was?
Deb: who?
Fam: Winston Churchill!
Deb: Hmmm…
Deb: I heard very similar advice from an incredibly successful and innovative serial entrepreneur recently
Fam: He even failed the 6th grade
Deb: he said, the most important thing you can do is make mistakes….
Fam: he lost every election until he was 62
Fam: Now that’s a resilient leader
Deb: they are your greatest opportunity for learning
Fam: A learned defeat is more valuable than an earned victory #fact
Deb: yes.
Deb: clearly there is a common wisdom here.[/togglebox]

[togglebox state=”closed” head=”Conversation Part 4″ ]Fam: Do you want to hear that story
Deb: Which one?
Fam: about the third grade teacher
Fam: hahha
Deb: sure!
Fam: So when I was in the third grade we made a long poster to hang up on the wall of our classroom
Fam: The poster was of a spaceship with a whole bunch of windows where each student drew themselves inside the window
Fam: So I drew myself Green while everyone else painted themselves brown, peach, or black..their natural skin color
Fam: Cause it was a spaceship!
Deb: naturally
Fam: And the teacher called the principal and had a parent teacher conference about how I think outside the box and ruined the whole poster which took them days to make lol
Deb: are you kidding me??
Fam: My teacher told me “Imagination means nothing!”
Fam: No this is a serious story
Fam: Well Mrs.Tipner
Fam: Imagination means EVERYTHING for it is the Genesis of creation!
Deb: Wow…
Fam: I wish I had her email
Deb: i’m speechless
Fam: Outro Music[/togglebox]

To be a creative director is to study a photo to the core where you see how much emotion and reality the box on the wall brings to the picture and stitch the composition properly. – Fam Mirza

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  1. Inspiring, Brilliant filled with hope and vision… Thank you Deborah, Thank you Fam… and Thank you Amit for sharing the greatness that the world holds.. <3

  2. anilraed says:

    wow what an ingenious idea i just read an article about that 1face watch ..they launch on indiegogo today! i am buying a watch for sure

  3. Very inspiring. I totally agree about creativity. We can find ways to be creative in everything we do.

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