Interview with Sarah Jayne Gratton

"Interview with Sarah Jayne Gratton"

Twitter has been an innovative phenomenon that forever changed the virtual landscape of our life.   Whether we like it or not, it has impacted the life of many, giving some a way to recreate themselves and harvest a new way to help others do the same.

Sarah-Jayne Gratton
is one of them. Amazing personality, fun, personable, caring, professional and full of resources, she has taken the Twitter wave and surfed it with a new perspective.

Not only has she swum in the virtual 140 ocean but she hasn’t let the famous whale got to her. She has surfed the wave and landed on a creative shores with an insightful book about twitter and branding. ModernLifeBlogs has interviewed Sarah-Jayne and our team is thrilled to share her with you.

Interview with Sarah Jayne Gratton

Q1 : Sarah-Jayne, Thank you so much for dedicating some time to share your vision and world with our readers. Your book brings an amazing perspective on how to use Twitter as a way to brand yourself and it definitively offers a lot of insights and tips to give anyone a way to start their own journey into innovative branding. To start with, I remember reading  in your book that  “Less is the new more”. So, Sarah-Jayne, how would you sum up your book, first, then your vision in 140 characters?

A1 : My book ‘Follow Me’ expresses my views on the psychology of using Twitter, based upon the premise that ‘social begins & ends with emotions’.

Q2 : Much has been said about Twitter and much remains to be told but in your view, what is the most amazing asset of the fast-chat platform?

A2 : Twitter’s immediacy and its empowerment of others to transcend cultures and geographical milestones at the click of a mouse.

Q3 : Being a visionary and someone who, obviously surf the Twitter-wave, we would like to ask you how you imagine Twitter in the next couple of years?

A3 : I would hope that Twitter’s continual evolution will be shaped by its users, as it has been to date.

Q4 : As your book, suggests, Trending matters. What is the best advise you can give to anyone with a dream of growing his or her vision, sharing his or her message and make an impact in the world with the concept of trending?

A4 : Again it begins and ends with emotions. A topic that trends will almost certainly come from a foundation of passionate belief that others can relate to and follow. After all, passion begins on a personal level and is routed in what moves us emotionally, so it makes sense to focus on the things that move, affect and connect us to others on an emotional level.

Q5 : Your book share your amazing philosophy as well as the one of a few Twitter personalities. How did you choose these great people?

A5 : I chose to select those people who have fully embraced the power of Twitter in building their personal brands. Their personal success stories were crying out to be told and ‘Follow Me’ provided a perfect platform to do this.

Q6 : One last but surely not the least question. You know that, at ModernLifeBlogs, we love Love. We know that your life is surrounded with Love and we would to know how much of your success you owe to the ones who love and care for you?

A6 : I owe a great deal of my success to the love and support of my family, including my wonderful huband, @grattonboy, who is always by my side.  I am also incredibly blessed to have an abundance of online support from those who choose to follow me.

Reinvention allowsus to continuallydiscover new giftswithin ourselves.”– Sarah-Jayne Gratton

Thank you so much Sarah-Jayne for your words and your sharing. We invite anyone who wishes to learn how to surf the Twitter-wave with you to grab a copy of your book and discover the tips from the ones who have grown their business and presence with caring, sharing and following! 

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Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter

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  1. No Better person to Interview in My opinion! Sarah personifies; Kind, Friendly, and connected. She embraces all those around her in a fashion that says….I care; You are important in My Social Landscape! She is one of the people, who most makes Social Networking Fun, Friendly, and Worthwhile! Great Interview, with an even Greater Woman! :)

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