Apple Hands Out Sept 12 Event, Hints At iPhone 5

"Apple Hands Out Sept 12 Event, Hints At iPhone 5"

It’s almost here.

In classic minimalist Apple fashion, invitations for a September 12 Apple event were done in simple black and white and marked with an unobtrusive Apple logo.  But the effect, also in true Apple fashion, was explosive—well, at least to some who have been waiting anxiously for the release of Apple’s next-gen smartphone.  

In the special event invite, the tagline It’s almost here was etched above a number 12 set in Apple’s modern typography.  You don’t need superpowers to see that below the 12 is a broad shadow of what seems to be the number 5, widely speculated to be hinting at the much-anticipated launch of the iPhone 5.  CNET also revealed that this special event will be held at 10 AM in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater.

The blog iMore was the first to report on the purported September 12 launch.  It also circled September 21 as the expected US release date. 

Amidst confirmation that a big Apple event is going to happen on the 12th, a few netizens are debating the meaning of the “5.”  Some presume that other Apple gadgets may be possibly launched on the same September 12 event (five gadgets instead of one iPhone 5?), while others have dismissed this as unlikely and have opted to stick with the iPhone 5 story.  There’s also talk that a separate event will be held next month for the iPad Mini, a smaller version of the iPad.

Among the new features expected on the next iPhone will be a larger display, two-tone casing, and LTE connectivity.  Leaked photos also show a smaller dock connector, which means that the new iPhone will be incompatible with older Apple device accessories.  The smaller dock connector is expected to be the default connector for upcoming iOS devices, but iMore says that there’s no reason to throw anything away as Apple will also be providing an adapter

Other blogs have highlighted the new business features of the next iPhone, such as Passbook, improved Siri, and near-field communications.  No doubt about it, Apple is going head to head with competitors when it comes to business phones.  Just recently, Nokia announced its new flagship Windows 8 phone, the Nokia Lumia 920, while archrival Samsung also declared that Samsung Galaxy S III sales have surpassed the 20 million mark.

Apple fans and critics alike couldn’t help but give their own takes on Apple’s latest project. As usual, we can expect the constant parrying of words between “haters” and Apple fanboys.  Some have debated and defended Apple’s choice of naming the new iPhone the iPhone 5.  Technically, the die-hard critics say the new iPhone should be called the iPhone 6. Others have responded that its Apple’s right to name their own product, which also makes sense, don’t you think?  Some have ridiculed the much-touted iPhone features, claiming that Apple’s latest gadget has nothing new to offer that competitors haven’t done better. Then there’s the silent faction of supporters and detractors contented with waiting for whatever Apple is cooking up.  Of course, we can’t leave out the group who couldn’t care less about what Apple does.  Whatever anyone’s reaction is, what is undeniable is that we can expect a lot of buzz on launch day.

"Apple Invitation Sep 12"

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