5 Tips To Revolutionize Your Air-Travel Experience

"5 Tips To Revolutionize Your Air-Travel Experience"

Traveling has become such a big part of life that whether it is for work, pleasure or adventure, it has become a form of art. Like any art, there are ways to enhance the experience and infuse it with simple yet ingenious insights so that the journey unfolds not only when you arrive but more so when you begin. While most of traveling tips focus on the circumstances, the materiality, the preparation and environments, the ones that we are offering to you, now, target your perception, your attitude and your mindset.

The airline industry isn’t a space that can easily be controlled and therefore, the only true mastery you can ever achieve, while traveling, is your own. In 5 points, here are a few tips that may help you gather a new sense of cruising the world from the air.

1 – Challenge the Unexpected

One of the most constant aspects of air travel is the unexpected. Although everything is made for the traveler to be set with time and place, there is always something that seems to be happening and disturbing the original plan. When you think about it for a few minutes, it isn’t very difficult to realize why, considering that one of the first air-travel factors is the weather. The most unpredictable aspects of our environnment is the primary determinant in aviation. When you choose air-travel as a way to journey into the world, you must be willing to consider change, variance and uncertainty as part of the deal. Let your mind be flexible and your journey will unfold with a greater sense of joy through acceptance and faith.

2 – Challenge the Unknown

Airports are such amazing representations of Life. People are from all cultures, backgrounds, religions, beliefs, races, visions and more, and yet, one thing brings them all together in one place: The need to go some place else for a particular reason. The stress related to air travel isn’t low especially when schedules are being rewritten and flights are being cancelled. Amongst what may be inevitable, realize that everyone is in the same predicament while everyone wishes for the same outcome: To be there now. So, every time things get a little unknown, remember that unity, communication, sharing and Kindness may be what makes the difference between a day of travel and a memory of amazing meetings. Be willing to reach out and meet those with whom you travel. Destiny may be on your side and one moment of change of schedule may be offering you a moment to meet someone who will change your moment, day or even life.

3 – Challenge Life’s teaching

There is great wisdom in learning patience and an airport is an amazing place to do it. The reason is basic: an airport is a transient space. It isn’t a place where the energy stays. It is a place where the energy keeps moving. Yet, patience is necessary when you get stuck in a place that is not home nor the place that you ultimately planned on being next. A lesson of patience in an airport is one that teaches being here and now while you’d rather be there and next. It is a lesson of surrender of doing and acceptance of being. And it is a lesson of humility and gratitude for those whose mission is to ensure your well-being along the way.

4 – Challenge the Overwhelming

The madness of airports and airline management is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed at the idea of traveling by plane. Yet, while the overwhelming vibe is never one that the mind likes to handle, it may at times, remind us about the peace with which our simple life moves our days. When you come to an airport with a positive attitude and an uplifting mood, then your entire experience tends to align at the same frequency. Knowing that a day of travel will ultimately bring the unexpected, the unknown, and various challenges, it becomes wise to start your travel day with a space to calm your mind, open your heart and find room for joy to be.

5 – Challenge your Mind

A travel day is the perfect space to challenge your mood swings and give yourself the ultimate experience to find equilibrium. For many, air-travel equates to change, instability, irritability and lack of control. Where else can you find the most adequate space to experience stillness where the entire surrounding energy calls for high sizzling stress. After all, you are the journeyer and therefore the observer, the feeler, the thinker and the experimenter of your trip. Whatever you wish it to be is always at reach within your own sets of mindful tools. Make your air-travel experience one of fun by challenging your mind in finding kismet no matter the circumstances. Whether it is a delay, cancellation, luggage loss or something else, keep in mind that less than 100 years ago, crossing countries as vast as the U.S. and oceans as great as the Atlantic was taking weeks or even months!

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