5 Simple Steps To Feel More Love

"5 Simple Steps To Feel More Love"

To feel more Love is to be lover of your own Life. There are many ways to be a lover but the most beautiful one of all is the one that chooses the inner-Truth as a master, as a principle, as a way. To live with self-love is the ultimate path for the kind shepherd, the humble master and the triumphant self. To be a successful at living a meaningful life is to infuse the way with truth and to find this truth is to unfold the secrets beyond the known.

The process of feeling more love is simply the process of shading fear. Love is the source that shaped you, the flow that breathes you and the way that reveals you. Everything that you are is Love. The quality of your Love determines the kind of Love you will be experiencing. The more compassion, kinds, unity and sense of oneness you shall feel, the greater the love you shall embodied in your body, witnessed into your Life and reflected into the world.

You are, in essence, pure presence and presence is nothing but the Truth coming out, through you, without mindful filters. In order to clear the filters and polish the lens through which the light comes, you must be willing to surrender all that is not you and accept all that is essentially you. Here are 5 simple steps to feel more Love by unfolding the power of You.

1 – Make a Statement

The creation of a visionary project requires a moment of pause when one reflects on the current situation while envisioning an ideal one. Establish a summary of your life by stating 5 truths you believe about yourself today and 5 truths you wish to become true about you. This will allow you to realize how your today’s truth may not serve your ultimate one. This process will give your mind a concrete path to change as it will be able to fully perceive a dichotomy between the life you have built until now and the one you truly wish to experience. The mind, being a servant, must be given tangible evidences of a need to change and a direction with steps or it will resist the process.

2 – Build Your World

To live in Love is to, first, determine what Love represents for you. As stated above, ego (the mind) is most likely to willingly participate in your growth towards Love when your heart and Soul accompany it in a concrete matter. Self-Love, self-esteem and self-confidence belong to the heart. Actualize your life with an inner-revolution. Make a new statement of love about yourself. This becomes the structure through which the flow of inspiration and creativity will find a space to fit and be molded. Each statement and affirmation you claim give a structure to your essence. Each thought, feeling and action, individually, becomes part of the building of the new compassionate You. Every time you declare a truth about you with an “I AM”, you create your world.

3 – Free your Mind

While the human mind tends to want to control everything, it must focus its control upon what it can truly master. The only mastery that the human mind was ever granted was servitude of the Soul. This implies that its role isn’t to create alone but co-create life in a perfect balance and partnerships way with the unknown. The challenge is to free the mind from what it believes it must accomplished from societal agreements and direct its flow towards what it must realized with Life within. Freeing the mind from the unnecessary, the inessential and the unimportant makes room for Love. When you train your mind to remember its origins, it will naturally align your life with the love that resides in the depth of your Soul.

4 – Practice the New You

There is nothing that creates a set of greater habit more than the disciplined practice of a new envisioned Happy You. Attracting a more meaningful life filled with love is systematically feeling, thinking and sharing love. This means that the envisioned caring and loving You must be given a chance to come out, first, every single time. The mind is tends to run on an auto-pilot mode from the subconscious. In order for a new habit to melt into your subconscious, you must practice it over and over again with consciousness, diligence and care. It is like a child who learns to walk. She requires constant support, non-judgment, guidance and care from the guide. You are the guide, the child and the path. You may fall, you may trip but every time, remember to never quit. Keep walking the new You.

5 – Balance Give and Take

The Fall equinox holds the energy of balance and invites us to reflect on our inner-self as well as on the subtle equilibrium that must exist in our life when we wish for Love to be part of it. Love is everywhere, yet it becomes more visible when held in a pure state of Harmony. Harmony is the constant equal exchange between two opposite energies. Become aware of your creative process and bring a conscious attention to your giving actions and your receiving ones. Each unbalance creates a hole through which love leaks. Be responsible for your own heart, be responsible for another’s smile so that you know your truth and share yourself.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. How fortunate I am to be starting my week with such wisdom and truth through your succinct article. Thank you for helping shed the light on the simple truths of love and will be personally sharing everywhere!

    • Thank you so for for taking the time to read and comment on this post! This is a statement of your kindness and an evidence of Love.. :-) Keep coming back visiting us and truly share the best that lies in all of us! :-)

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