5 Essential Thoughts To Help Restore A Positive Attitude

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"5 Essential Thoughts To Help Restore A Positive Attitude"

Leaders who lead with greatness know that one of the most essential requirements for success lies in the attitude. The ability to hold a space where positivity and optimism can always be found is a treasured talent that anyone can cultivate. While some of us appear to be gifted with a natural positive disposition, we all have moments when we need to resource our enthusiasm and reset our sense of positive expectations.

To build an inner-sanctuary of such spirited goodness is to infuse our thinking process with essential thoughts. These help reset the mind to its original state which vibrates with unlimited possibilities, creative space and carefree resonance.

These affirmation-thoughts are food for the mind and when they have grown into the soil of the heart, they become the healthiest nourishment for Life. Here are 5 essential thoughts to help restore a positive attitude at any time and for any circumstances.

I am a space of peace

This affirmation anchors the roots of the self within the very essence of Life. It is a reminder, for the mind, that at the center of all beings exist the most tranquil and untroubled space ever. It is the ultimate presence that transforms chaos into order and metamorphoses doubt into clarity. A positive attitude is the blossoming of a stress-free sense of life. The first step is the clearing of the space from everything that isn’t peaceful.

I am a space of unconditional love

The most nurturing energy for the mind is love. The energy of unconditional love opens the heart and naturally calms the senses. It provides the mind with the first ever memory of the self and allows it to relax. This short yet powerful affirmation consciously felt is a true healing tool for the mind. It is a womb-like vibration that contributes in soothing the mind by releasing all stressful aspects of the moment and replacing them with universal greatness and compassion.

I am a space of joy and contentment

Love that has fertilized the soil for the mind to grow open can now let the sense of essential joy be the holder of the moment. This essential joy is the one expressed by the child whose perception filters only the fun, the curious and the possible. It carries the essence of happiness, not from outside triggers, but from inner-source.Joy is a natural state for the soul and as so, the mind is invited to merge again with its universal partner to feel the wholeness of its truth. The mind has the ability to interpret emotions and project it through an attitude. This affirmation helps it remember that beyond its interpretation lies only the joy to be.

"Miracle Of Life"

I am a space of truth and power

Joy that is remembered ultimately offers truth and empowerment to the self. It becomes the fuel needed to expand the sense of inner-strength in the uniqueness of the individual while it connects the heart and the mind to All that Is. A positive attitude evolves into charisma through the power of steady mindset and a fulfilled heart. There is nothing that appears impossible to a mind that feels peace, love and joy. The trio births positivity and optimism on demand.

I am a space of creativity and innovation

This affirmation is the extra-booze and the ultimate sealer of a positive attitude. The human mind sets in truth and power becomes a creative machine by excellence. A positive attitude calls for Life and Life comes with more of its greatness allowing the entire creative system to be more performant. Affirming to yourself that you are a creative architect empowers you with the ability to envision your dream as a reality.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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