4 Step Process To Endless Creativity

"4 Step Process To Endless Creativity"

Life is a substance made of eternity, love and creative Genius. It is the most excellent creative process of all and as humankind seeks for its own destiny, Life goes wherever the human potential is willing to unfold consciously.

Creativity is the ability to sustain what makes sense for the whole while letting go of what doesn’t serve it any longer. Its direction follows the correlation between the potential with which humanity consciously knows Life and its ability to fully experience it.

Ultimately, timing is the most essential factor of destiny. What is ready to be seen is ready to be known and understood.
Education, freedom of expression and respect for all differences are at the basis of a revolutionary sense of creativity because the new can only be created from letting go of what is known and defined to what remains unknown and unlabeled.

Those with an extended creative potential have experienced the power of self-expression and have understood that the wheel of life always moves in a circling pattern. To be conscious about this pattern is to be organically connected to life. This revolving design is based upon two different yet indivisible concepts: Receptivity/Activity. When they combine their own individual uniqueness endlessly, they ensure the perpetual motion of the flow. Through this subtle and essential complicity, oneness exists eternally. It is the principle of breathing.

For humankind, the mastery of this basic living process is the key to constant revolutionary creativity and innovation.
In only four steps, creativity is ensured to be renewed. On one hand, it is a simple and effective process and, yet, on the other hand, it also is a challenging one. Focus, discipline and conscious living become the best allies to implement and seal its success.

1 – Be willing to surrender (Receptive phase)

The readiness for evolution is the moment when our intuitive self let us feel that something has got to give. This is a place where we are invited to look into who we are, what we do and how life makes us feel. It is an introspective moment that carries a great sense of self-discipline as no one can ever do this work for us. It must be a willing agreement between the mind and the heart that an emotional and mental evaluation is essential so that a new direction may be taken. Feelings are the best compasses as they indicate our inner sense of self and give us an instant feedback of what our heart feels in terms of comfort and fears. The willingness to surrender is a space where doubts arise and confusion is master. Only from this place can a future clarity be born as it gives birth to the next vision, the next possibility of self-definition, the next you.

2 – Be ready to let go (Active phase)

Once the mind has efficiently evaluate where room must be made, there is a need for an active forward motion where the belief system that doesn’t serve the next vision agreed to let go of the old and create space for a possibility that isn’t tangible yet. In this space, imagination is highly essential as it is the only substance with which the mind can fill the emptiness. It must nurture the void with new thoughts, dreams and visualization so that it transforms doubt and confusion into focused intentions.
This phase invites planning, researching, mapping, writing and organizing.

3 – Be open to accept (Receptive phase)

Once the mental active creative process has framed the new, it is time to faithfully open the heart and fully accept that the universe, co-creator of your life, steps in and, like in the back of a theater where the spectator sees nothing, orchestrates its own planning and reorganize its energy to fit with the intentions and the focus you hold since step #2. Challenging for the mind, this step requires a tremendous faith in the unknown and a powerful trust in the infinite goodness of All That Is. While this space is all about being grateful and humble, it is one of the most essential to the process and it “tests” the mind about its capacity to know self-worthiness, self-trust and self-love. It is the very bridge to creation where the unknown and the known meet in the purest way. Detached from any expectation, this bridge is made of pure faith and self-reliance.

4 – Be confident to embrace (Active phase)

Once the receptive process of inviting goodness has settled, the active phase of synchronicity is the path with which the universe, through your soul, will connect you to your destiny. It will light up the way with coincidences and signs. Your work is to connect the dots and give a sense to all those subtle messages. Each of them delivers a clue to which your creativity is directly linked and that unfold the mystery about your creative genius. To embrace the moment is to willingly give it all your heart feeling the blessing of what it has to offer. This is an active part that lets your mind recognize the hints it sends to guide you along. Training the mind to look beyond the circumstances and reveal a pattern is essential for any creative genius.

Life goes where all Life is the most potent and its potency is created from the thoughts, the feelings and the actions that, we, mankind, experience. To be able to foresee where the collective consciousness tends to focus is to unable visionaries and leaders to capture the wave and guide others to surf it. We, all, have our part to play in directing the current. Each of our thoughts, feelings and deeds moves it in direction and intensity. We, individually are responsible for our own destiny as much as we are tied to the destiny of the entire world. Where do we wish life to flow and what we wish to experience from it is held at the center of our own being.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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  1. this was a good read, I especially enjoyed, ‘be confident to embrace’

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