KredStory – Your Social Influence Is Visual

"KredStory - Your Social Influence Is Visual"

Kred Story is a visual history of your Social Media Influence. Explore the posts, pictures and links that make you influential. See your full influence story and zoom in on meaningful moments

Kred Story reveals the posts, pictures, links and achievements that build your Kred. The visual format makes it fun and easy to explore social streams from your friends, favorite brands and popular publications.

One click opens a social media stream from the last 1,200 days. From there you can view their entire forest of influence or zoom in to explore individual trees like their most popular posts, the people they interact with and what you have in common.

Understand your social media influence

KredStory is a visual summary of everything that goes into Kred. Every KredStory is a rich personal visual history that lets you zero in on what was influential to anyone at a moment in time.

Connect with like-minded people who share your interests

"Connect with like-minded people who share your interests"

Click on any box—like Frequently Used Hashtags or an interesting tweet—to view Twitter bios and follow people straight from the interface.

Explore and interact with content from your favorite brands and publishers

"Explore and interact with content from your favorite brands and publishers"

Entering an @name like @CNN@Wiredor @BoingBoing produces a scannable overview of their most influential content. The most popular posts float to the top so you can see what people are interacting with the most.

KredStory is the only completely transparent social influence measurement

"KredStory is the only completely transparent social influence measurement"

They tell you exactly how your Kred is calculated in real time. Click the Total Influence Points tab in the upper right corner to view the social interactions that gave you Kred and how many points you earned for each.

[quote type=”medium” align=”center”] KredStory is a great way to get information about your social reach and who influence us in a beautiful amazing presentation and easy to use environment. Love the Kred new feel and summary of all influence about us. Must used by all social media user to get better insights of their influence. Kred Rocks. – Amit Verma [/quote]

Check out my KredStory -> @AmitV_Tweets

 "See Your Story"

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  1. JasonB says:

    Interesting I’ll have to check it out. Much different than Klout.

  2. DebbyBruck says:

    Dear Amit – I was introduced to this platform only last week. It appears to be very well designed and an asset for those who wish to use it.

  3. is this a little like Klout? I haven’t see this KredStory before this. So, being just a few days from launching a new company, and online, THIS is worth looking at joining. Thanks so much for posting this. Valuable.

    • Amit Verma says:

      Yep same like Klout but little different from it. As you see in post i have mentioned about it. If you want to know more about it. Try it out then you will get to know more awesome feature about this Kred. ((Hugs))

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