Valuable Tips For Effective Job Sharing

"Valuable Tips For Effective Job sharing"

Job sharing helps create a more humane balance between life and work and allows for careers to thrive while more work gets accomplished from home. It is not just two people working separate part-time jobs to accomplish one task. Job sharing consists of two individuals, through shared responsibilities, identity, and accountability, occupying one position, as a single unit.

When executed properly, job sharing can be beneficial to everyone involved. Employees get the personal time they need while maintaining their position and employers are able to retain high-performing individuals and glean the value of having two valuable personalities on their team.

While some employers already have job-sharing options in place, others are unfamiliar with the idea and may need to be enlightened as to how the arrangement can benefit everyone.

The following are a few valuable tips on arranging effective job sharing options that can be beneficial for everyone.

1. Prepare

Before you pitch the job share, work out the details. Create a breakdown of how all the days should run.

Detail how everything, from early morning meetings to weekend e-mails, will be executed. Stress to the team the commitment they have to make in order to create a prosperous situation for everyone and breakdown how benefits could ideally get divided. Like the job share itself, preparation and clear, detailed communication is the key to a successful pitch.

2. Familiarity

When possible, elect a partner that you have experience with and are sure is compatible with how you work. Of course, it can work out randomly assigning someone with their partner, but the odds are much better if you and your partner choose each other.

Hiring a consultant is a good way to find another perspective on how individuals end up working together.

3. Communication

Determine exactly how you will share information and update one another on pertinent issues. Communicating through e-mail, telephone calls, and face-to-face meetings will ensure the job-sharing is seamless, covering all duties and responsibilities of the position and not impacting other employees.

An element of trust needs to exist between the partners, and also flexibility with regard to necessary communication during off-time, and respecting the off-time of each other without frivolous intrusion.

4. Workspace

Job-sharing means space-sharing. Respect the workspace by not cluttering, leaving food or drink remnants, or in any other way creating an unpleasant work environment for your partner.

Personalizing workspace should be kept at a minimum, for your family pictures and personal memorabilia might create a distraction for another person.

All work should be filed away and the desk cleared when your shift is completed. Clear and concise notes and instructions should be left available for your partner to update in case of any pending or priority items.

5. Consider impact

Other employees should be aware of the details of the job-sharing arrangement to enable them to know who to approach with questions. Both partners should be cross-trained in all aspects of the position to mitigate calls to the other during off-time and to handle the problems and questions that may arise.

The employer will want to hold periodic reviews of the job-sharing arrangement with both partners present. If this does not occur of its own volition, you should request such a meeting at regular intervals to ensure everyone is on the same page and friction or misunderstandings do not erupt due to lack of communication.

Job sharing can be an effective way for two equally qualified individuals to obtain job contentment, working how they choose, without having to adhere to a 9 to 5 schedule, five days a week. Some job-share participants work every other day, some half days; the schedule really varies depending on the job.

With skillful planning, organization and communication, job sharing can be beneficial to both the employer, and the employees who agree to take on this innovative method of getting the job done. Consider these tips for the future well-being of your job share arrangement.

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