Top 5 Ways To Be One Of The Lucky Ones

"Top 5 Ways To Be One Of The Lucky Ones"

Luck and chance belong to the same family. What luck represents is a circumstance that has been consciously perceived as good and has been accepted as an extraordinary moment. While luck remains a mystery for the mind, the heart has always known that luck is nothing more than a dream, a thought or a vision that has been cherished deep enough in the heart and held high enough in the mind to attract the most favorable elements to give it a life and a reality.

Luck is a chance amongst all chances, that you consciously take, to live your dream. It is the evidence that you have gathered enough intensity, enough clarity and enough density to make it true. Although, luck is what the mind wraps goodness around, it is only the gate that leads to it. The moment of luck is temporary and irrelevant. What matters is what this moment triggers within you and offers next to you.

What your eyes can recognize and labeled as luck, your heart knows as the moment that can reveal the best in you. Whether or not you will be taking on this challenge is never insured. This is the ultimate vortex to the greatness you deserve but remember that it is only the gate to it. The work after the moment of luck is as important as the one that led to it.

Here is the top 5 ways to find luck on your path and help you hold her hand so that your life unfold in the goodness that she promises.

1 – Recognize Luck

To be lucky is first and foremost to have the ability to recognize luck amongst all moments. This is the ultimate work of self-discovery. Indeed, luck, being a gateway to greatness, is not an isolated incident made of heavenly powder. It is a universal design that has come to fruition because you co-created it as a will to know yourself as powerful. To recognize luck is to inquire about the design you carry within your heart and match life with who you truly are.

2 – Walk with Luck

Each discovery you unveil about yourself becomes a candle that lights up your path and guides you through the labyrinth of your Life. Your moment of luck made you aware of your worthiness and invites you to remain vigilant about it. It offers a space for you to recognize the hints and clues that are thrown at you because you naturally align with your Truth. This Truth is born from chosen to be authentic and conscious.

The walk with luck becomes a beautiful partnership of joyful moments that are lived in trust that Life has always the most amazing information to deliver to you. Walking timelessly with luck is to accept that whatever life brings to your awareness is luck in disguise offering you a chance to know yourself in the greatest way. Dropping the sense of judging the goodness of the moment is essential in walking with luck or else, She will easily run away and let room for her sister misfortune.

3 – Cherish Luck

Luck is not one moment happening randomly. It is a focused and pre-determined decision of attracting to you what you know you desire the best. Luck is life attracting life to your awareness. The greater your ability to feel worthy of Love and success, the greater your capacity to attract an identical vibrational reality. Luck has a greater chance to remain your Life’s partner when you remain confident that you attracted her not for once but that you truly have a forever space for her to be.

4 – Live with Luck

Your lucky life is nothing short of a consistent positive and encouraging attitude. It is the result of daily moments challenged with Life and voluntary directed towards the closest Truth you know yourself to be. It is an uncompromising behavioral pattern that makes you build your dream for yourself and not for others. To Live with Luck is to be yourself and keep opening your days to the goodness of what you know you deserve knowing that luck is the ultimate way with which Life will serve you.

5 – Share your Luck

While living your way uncompromisingly, Life will keep providing you with the luck that you deserve and will keep giving more of it especially when your focus keeps being directed to share its goodness. Your message and your Life matter. What also matter is to spread it so that others get touched by it and feel how much your lucky presence can make theirs feels the same. Human beings relate greater with each other through the goodness they share. Luck being Life’s greatest sense of positive awareness requires a very privilege space to exist and a great throne to rule. Share yours and you’ll elevate your sense of existence closer to a sense of a Sacred Luck.

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