Interview with Kat Garcia, PR Manager for LoveIt

"Interview with Kat Garcia, PR Manager for LoveIt"

LoveIt is a visual platform with powerful and collaborative tools for individuals and groups to discover, collect, organize and share the things they love via public or private collections. From chic fashion to quirky art, tasty recipes to dream vacations, and geeky gadgets to hot cars, LoveIt is a place where you can easily share images of everything that interests you, find people who have similar tastes, discover new things you may not have found otherwise, and turn those interests into actual experiences.

Create a collection and share it with your LoveIt followers, start a conversation about the image, and encourage the community to get out and try it for themselves!

Whether you’re an artist or designer, a parent or teen, a party planner or just a visual person, everyone can use LoveIt!


Q1 : What is LoveIt?

LoveIt is a visual curation and social sharing platform. Or in plain English, it’s a site for individuals and groups to discover, collect, organize and share photos they love in public AND private collections.

Q2 : How did you get the idea to create this awesome web social bookmarking service?

LoveIt was co-founded by a team of entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the internet industry. Our three Co-Founders (Ron LaPierre, Tom Soulanille and Wei Guo) and our two Board Members (Talmadge O’Neill and Harry Tsao) got together and did some informal research toward the end of 2011 as the “pinning” phenomenon emerged.

They knew women were the largest demographic using pinning sites, so they each sat down with the leading ladies in their lives as well as a couple dozen power users of competitor’s sites and identified things they liked as well as areas that needed improvement.

The consensus was that they wanted to have private collections, better organizational tools and the ability to easily discover new content. This was the “ah-ha!” moment where they realized there was a need in the industry that our team could meet.

We started building LoveIt at the beginning of 2012 using our team’s backgrounds in search and discovery to build the kind of tools that help us stand out from the competition. We launched in private beta through a Klout Perk on May 23rd and opened up to the public on June 7th.

Q3 : How do people use LoveIt?

People are using LoveIt in a variety of different and interesting ways from storytelling, to collecting inspirational images to simply perusing cool images. For example, some people are planning vacations and entering those plans into our Squirrelwind Getaway #LoveItVacay travel contest to win $2,000 toward making their dream vacation a reality. Some people are in the midst of collaborating on a 30 Day Drawing Challenge collection while others are creating tribute collections like the one for Sally Ride.

We’ve had a lot of people tweet @LoveIt to tell us they love the private collection options too. Some bloggers use private collections to stage content for upcoming posts they aren’t ready to reveal immediately. Other users collaborate with colleagues in private collections, like one who tweeted to let us know she’s working with a colleague on inspirations for an upcoming tabletop competition. I even have a private collection called Conquering Fears which has images of fears I’d like to overcome – like being submerged in water, out in the open ocean with all of the scary yet captivating sea monsters.

Q4 : I’ve seen many sites using the same familiar layout so how is your site is different from others?

Although we look similar on the surface, we intentionally chose the waterfall layout that people like because it’s easy to use. Our primary differences fall into three categories: discovery, organization and collaboration:

  • Discovery: LoveIt connects people with their friends – and helps them discover other people, brands, websites and blogs that share similar visual tastes. For example if you tell us you like “Food & Drink” we’ll recommend content from all of our sources that cover latest foodie trends.
  • Easy Organization: LoveIt takes organization to the next level with convenient and intuitive drag-and-drop tools to rearrange images from one collection to another. For example if you’ve started a “Cars & Rides” collection that’s gotten too big to be manageable, you can quickly separate the collection into smaller groups of “Classic Cars,” “Concept Cars” and “Motorcycles” by simply clicking-and-dragging the images into new collections.
  • Collaboration: LoveIt offers people private collections so they can collaborate with colleagues on work projects or with friends on travel plans or for surprise parties. For example a graphic designer could share their work with a client and they would be able to easily give feedback by commenting on each image directly and privately. Or a group of friends planning a trip to Vegas could create a private collection to figure out all of the restaurants and clubs they want to visit.

Q5 : What are the new features we will come to see in the future expansion of LoveIt?

We do have a product road map in place but we’re keeping it flexible so we can listen to our community and build the most in-demand features that make sense. Our community can expect us to always be actively listening and responding to them.

Q6 : Okay, if you can’t really talk about specific upcoming features, can you tell me what your favorite feature is?

My favorite feature is our recommendation engine because I like being introduced to new content from sources I might not be following already. I like that they’re clearly marked as recommended images and sources because it makes it easier for me to see and click through to decide if I want to follow the original sources. It also helps me continue to build my personal community within LoveIt.

Q7 : Speaking of community, is LoveIt active on other social networks?

Absolutely! We’re all about community and being social. We’re actively listening and responding to our community within LoveIt as well as through major social media channels like Twitter, Facebook.

Thanks, Kat for your great answers and making this interview post amazing and great info. to help with people to know about Loveit.  Best Wishes to you and your team. Rock On :-)

LoveIt–Why We’re Different

Note : Hello readers i am also on Loveit. Let’s get connected there and explore the beautiful world of this amazing site.

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