8 Useful Social Media Infographics

"8 Useful Social Media Infographics"

Here are ten informative and easy-to-follow infographics for those who just need to read their stats with visuals.

"Global Map of Social Networking 2011"

Global Map of Social Networking 2011 – GlobalWebIndex

It’s just understandable that people from around the world would use social networks differently.  Globalwebindex shows behavioral data on the way consumers from different countries use social networks.

"The ROI of Social Media"

The ROI of Social Media – MdgAdvertising

How do you determine if your social media efforts are successful?  This infographic from MDGAdvertising shows you how to measure and look at Social Media Return on Investment, a highly contentious topic.  Here, you’ll see which metrics CMOs use to measure social marketing activities and which activities have the highest ROI. The infographic also highlights important points in determining your social media marketing strategy.

"Social Media Marketing by the Numbers"

Social Media Marketing by the Numbers – Mashable

Which social media platforms do people respond to?  Mashable shows us top responses on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and location-based services.  Also included are six case studies of social media campaigns.

"20 Reasons to Switch to Google+"

20 Reasons to Switch to Google+ – Infographiclabs

Should you be on Google+?  However else could Google+ be helpful to you when your day is already filled with Facebook notifications and Twitter updates?  Infographic Labs highlights 20 important and convincing reasons, including why the Google social network could potentially be better for business and how Google+ beats Facebook on certain features.

"A World Without Facebook"

A World Without Facebook – Singlegrain

This infographic by SingleGrain shows just how much Facebook has permeated our lives, highlighting statistics such as Facebook user demographics (by gender and age), the number of local businesses that use Facebook, and the average time a user spends on each visit to the social networking site.  Of course, it also answers the big question, What would we do without Facebook?

"How to Use Twitter infographic"

How to Use Twitter infographic – Partyaficionado

One of the most basic guides to Twitter, this infographic by Cheryl Lawson at Party Aficionado is a must-read for newbies to the Twitter social network. For those who have been Twitter users for quite some time now, think of this guide as a sort of checklist to help you see if you’ve missed any Twitter essentials.

"Very Pinteresting"

Very Pinteresting  – Modea

We’ve heard about why you should be on Google+, but should you really be on Pinterest too?  This infographic by Modea shows you the dynamics of Pinterest users—useful data for marketers who want to know the audience of this social network.

"Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security"

Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security – Veracode

Internet privacy and security is becoming more and more of a concern as we become more comfortable sharing more of ourselves on social networks. Here’s an infographic by Veracode showing how two social network giants compare when it comes to cybersecurity.

For more social media tips and tricks, check out social media expert Jason Falls’ webinar over at the RingCentral blog.

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