5 Most Efficient Ways To Keep Your Calm Amidst Doubt

"5 Most Efficient Ways To Keep Your Calm Amidst Doubt"

Life is beautiful, there is no doubt about it yet it also is challenging. When the time comes for the challenges to be faced, chaos is felt and ultimately doubt rises. This happens to everyone as it is the “normal” pattern of growth for any individual living on this planet. Like in the process of walking, we all have to go through unbalance if we wish to get to the next step.

While this is necessary and inevitable, it can also be lived with grace and minimum suffering. Indeed, when looked at with the “right” eye, these moments can reveal most of the growth itself and even a glimpse at the space where our next step is going to land.

Here are the most efficient ways to keep your calm amidst doubt and ensure that while life is changing, you maintain your strength, your anchor and your smile.

1 – Know Yourself: Insighful

"Know Yourself : Insighful"

Know Yourself : Insighful | Credit : http://bit.ly/MjRVSV

Because this is where all your life begins, this is also where all your doubts are born. Self-discovery is a path that helps you understand more of who you. When you understand more you accept more and when you accept more, you give room for the unexpected to be without judging it. Doubt is born out of feeling a lack of control. When this feeling sinks in, the only way to overcome it is to dive into it. This is pure awareness of the moment. Know yourself and you shall move the world.

2 – Know your Facts: Factual

"Know your Facts : Factual"

Know your Facts : Factual | Credit : http://bit.ly/MjS2xR

Doubt rises from a deep dichotomy between what the heart feels and what the mind knows. Since the mind can never fathom what lies in the heart, it is essential to help the mind reframe its reality around what it knows as tangible so that its sense of control resurfaces and it lowers the level of stress. Be the ultimate lawyer for a stress-free moment. You must be factual in finding the best argument that will prove to your mind that there is absolute no reason to doubt because what you control, you do and what you can’t, at the moment, you simply can’t. You must surrender to a higher power that control it all with and for your greatest good.

3 – Know your Beliefs: Structural

"Know your Beliefs : Structural"

Know your Beliefs : Structural | Credit : http://bit.ly/MjS8Wi

It is when you feel that you understand life that life challenges you with your understandings. ~Aline #SoulQuotes
The thing about life is that it is an ever-expanding flow of energy that grows only from letting go of the old and embracing the new. What gets the mind coming from the old and going into the new is a structured sets of beliefs nurtured with a great sense of flexibility. Always know your Truth so that when your vessel moves through stormy waters, it can always find itself anchored in what remains constant. Let yourself be an adventurer willing to cross the darkest forest knowing that the treasure always hides in the most unsuspected space.

4 – Know your Dream: Visionary

"Know your Dream : Visionary"

Know your Dream : Visionary | Credit : http://bit.ly/MjShcf

Times of doubt bring our mind into the moment and while there is always much to decipher within the moment, there is also a great deal of strength in helping the mind refocus on what matters the most and what the journey is all about. This is when you refocus your sense of unsettled vibes and keep your calm through visualizing your greatest dream. We all live for a dream. Conscious or not it is a valued ally for anyone who wishes to feel accomplished, driven, meaningful and purposeful. Your dream is never handed as a package. It is always the result of a journey that reveals your potential. The journey is uncertain yet, the aim must always be clear in your heart and mind. In times of doubt, keep your focus on what is clear. Detach from the mirky waters, attach to the clear and safe harbor.

5 – Know your Friends: Support System

"Know your Friends : Support System"

Know your Friends : Support System | Credit : http://bit.ly/MjSpIW

Remember that while the world is a big place that tends, at times, to make us feel insignificant and inadequate, we are all in this together. Know your friends, those you can count on. Those who have not judged you, criticized you and always supported you even when your choices did not synch with their views. This friends are the greatest ally when going through a time of doubt. Indeed, they are the leaning posts that provide a strong foundation to help you move through difficult times. Don’t rely on them only as you must rely on your own strength also (As advised in #1) yet they are your best weapons against stress.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. TelePicks says:

    Nice piece, life is certainly challenging


  2. DebbyBruck says:

    “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” Dr Spock speaks to us. How can we learn to trust ourself? What techniques and tools can we use to do this and clear away the doubt? How do we learn to “accept” and realize The Creator rules and controls the universe? Always wonderful blogs. Thank you Aline.

  3. Pam Moore says:

    Love this! Good inspirational reminders.

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