5 Great Insights To Free Your Mind From Worries

"5 Great Insights To Free Your Mind From Worries"

We, human beings, are given an amazing journey into Life where all kinds of feelings and emotions are offered to our pleasure so that we experience life with our mind, body and Soul. While the Soul knows the path and the body follows as the humble servant to Her greatness, the mind, reveals itself, as the “middle-man”, empowered with the building of the bridge between the soul and the reality. Each time, the mind trusts and follows the soul, it becomes the most precious ally to create a reality of happiness. Each time, the mind finds itself blurry with dis-empowered thoughts and worries, it becomes the worst executive director of your Life business.

Here is a list of 5 great insights to free your mind from worries and allow it to fully support your journey with grace and faith.

1 – Give Your Worry a Voice

When a worry rises, there is no need to try to cover it, mute it or ignore it. Indeed, this only intensifies your stress level. Each moment of worry is a moment pregnant with a question about yourself to which your mind has no answer at this instant. Because each answer lies somewhere in the center of the question it births, it is essential that you keep maintaining a connection between your deepest question and your awareness. Give a voice to your worry by asking yourself a question related to the moment. Keep asking yourself the same question until the answer rises from within. Focusing on the question releases the mind from lack of control (which creates worry).

2 – Give Your Life a Kick

The human being is given a life yet very few succeed in remembering that this life is not given with a certainty for happiness but more so a challenge for revealing happiness. Each moment of worries is nothing more than the door to the challenge. To take on the challenge is to be willing to kick this door and enter in the uncertain knowing that instead of fearing it for what you cannot control, you must be excited for what you may discover. Excitement releases an energetic shift in your field that helps your mind detach from worry and focus on possibilities.

3 – Give Your Thoughts a Kiss

As we know, the mind is responsible for the “worry-Experiences” as it is responsible for every single perception that It brings to our awareness. Like a child worried and who is looking for compassion and support from his parents, the mind has the capacity to bring kindness to the thoughts upon which it accepts to dwell. Bringing a conscious awareness about the thoughts that cross our mind allow the filtering process to be controlled and enhanced. Worries are low-vibrational thoughts that can only be risen with love and compassion. Make yourself your own caring parent of your own fearful inner-child. Bring some Love to your thinking process and reassess your fear from a mature and unconditionally loving perception.

4 – Give Your Heart A Leadership Role

When the mind holds a space of fear and instability, there is no need for your Life to stand in the center of it. You must let yourself be “out of your mind” temporarily and dive within the heart ruled by your soul and cared by your sense of knowingness. While this seems an “easy” choice, it is not until it is put in practice over and over again. For the mind to yield the control to the intangibility of the energetic system is a challenging move yet, this is one of the most effective one to free your mind for the moment and let it find some more room for reflection, introspection and thinking process.

5 – Give Your Mind Some Freedom

The last but certainly not the least as it is the most essential step to give your Life the sense of freedom It deserves. To give your mind some freedom is to guide It through the unknown, teach it that curiosity is a valued and mature asset and entrust it with the courage to move the boundaries of outside expectations so that It can walk into the wilderness of Life with a sense of wonder more than a sense of fear and worry. Let it become familiar with the space where it has to surrender instead of systematically control.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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