5 Essential “Do and Don’t” Of Friendship

"5 Essential Do and Don't Of Friendship"

Moments of Life that enclose memories of friendship are the most precious ones of all. Some of them hold Love, laughter and joy while others bear sorrow, tears and sadness. Their preciosity lies not in the level of happiness, alone, that it offers but more so in the diversity of experiences that it allows to live. Friendship is, simultaneously, a strong and fragile space where existence is challenged in the deepest way.

Challenged with the difference that inhabits individuals, challenged with the wisdom it brings along, challenged with the Truth that it reveals. When challenges are faced and overcome, friendship appears as the sweetest blessing of all for the true sense of connection and happiness it delivers. This blessing is worth embracing in the most cherished way for, from it, love is born, grown and shared.

Here is a list of the 5 essential “do and don’t of Friendship to guide your steps from yourself to another in the most gracious and authentic way.

1 – Be You – Don’t Hide

The first do holds the principle of friendship. It is the nature of Life itself: authenticity. Friendship is a space when Truth can exist in the most exposed form. Because friendship is based on acceptance and compassion, you must allow yourself to show your colors without inhibition nor compromise. Hiding your Truth, in friendship, is like running away from the pot of Gold that is offered to you. You will always feel that there is something missing that completes you and makes you feel at peace with yourself. Allow yourself to be true in all circumstances, especially the darker ones, as these moments of temporary vulnerable build a life of strong connection.

2 – Listen – Don’t Assume

Because Friendship is founded upon truth, it gives a tremendous space for Life to exist and grow. This growth happens through shared experiences, exchange of perceptions and melting of emotions. Emotions are the silent yet loud language of friendship. They connect souls through the heart and they are the sparks and the fires that keep the connection alive or burn it down. Listening to another is giving the room for life to be traded at its most priceless value. To assume is to limit the value of Life to what you know without giving it a chance to expand it with the riches of another’s Truth. Always keep room for listening to another. In it, lies the beauty of compassion and the strength of empathy.

3 – Forgive – Don’t Blame

While Friendship is a beautiful place, life always seems to bring, with its flow, new ways to challenge it in order to strengthen it. When challenges rise in Friendship, the equilibrium is always invited to remain through Love and Kindness and when the challenge begins to threaten the essence of friendship itself, forgiveness is the place to grow. Blame, in relationship, has only one outcome and it is the drought of trust and the dying of the thread. Friendship must be woven over and over again and forgiveness is one tough thread with which to build it.

4 – Trust – Don’t Forget

The most basic bridge on which two souls walk towards the deepening of their relationship is trust. The bridge’s strength depends on the truth that each soul brings out as well as the remembrance of the moments with which the bridge was fortified. It takes great inner-strength to trust another. A strength that can only come from within and can only be grown on a self-discovery soil. Whenever trust is being shaken [because humanity is a vulnerable child that learns and grows through mistakes], the power of soulful memory and sense of unity becomes the foundation on which the two must remember what connects them both eternally more than what separates them temporarily.

5 – Love – Don’t Fear

It appears as a fundamental and evident element of Friendship. Unfortunately, too often, it is so evident that it is overruled by the expectation that it is. Don’t fear sharing the Love that you feel with your friends. Little reminders cost nothing and build everything. Be original and creative in your relationship! It is the only space to be truly yourself! Show your Love without holding back and share your heart without limits. Your Soul feeds on essential friendship and, in return, nurtures you with unconditional love. There is everything to gain to Love and nothing to lose in giving.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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