5 Easy Tips To Help You Define Your Fashion Style

"5 Easy Tips To Help You Define Your Fashion Style"

The Fashion Industry is an amazing resource for everyone who wishes to know what is trending and what’s in style but it can also make us feel inadequate and out of authenticity. Indeed, It must remain a flow that carries us but not defines us. While being in the flow of being fashionably beautiful, there is ways to simultaneously be charismatically unique! Presence is strength and when yours become anchored because you succeed in defining your style according to your truth, then you can stand strong in your authenticity.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you define your style and give you a spark of genius with a touch of fashion!

1 – Style with You

Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress, is the woman who is wearing it. ~Yves Saint Laurent Your style is first defined by your sense of self. No style can ever make you stand if you cannot stand on your own. A moment of your morning to reflect upon how you feel is a great way to start finding yourself and defining the mood with which you would like to express yourself today. Ask yourself: How do I feel today? and write down 5 adjectives that define you the most at that moment. These are the little hints you must take to look at your closet and begin to feel the clothes that fit in the profile.

2 – Express with Colors

Life is like a blank canvas that your mood fills with colors. The way you dress your body is the way you feel Life at that moment. Everyday is different just like you. The best way to be charismatic is to feel yourself and your clothes are reflections of who you feel you are. Dare wearing the colors that define you now. Colors have silent meanings and you are giving them an expression. Here is a link for you to learn about the meaning of colors: PenPencilCrayolas

3 – Empower with Details

God is in the details is a quote that has great value when it comes to your style! While being noticed may sometimes require a flashy sense of fashion, details also are great allies in your sense of presence. Accessories are great ways to dress a style from humble to noble. When shopping for accessories, notice what attract your eye. Choose something that you like and yet takes you to the edge of your personality. You must see yourself in the pieces that you wear. Each of them must be carrying a little bit of you. Take a classic and chic example: In France, we love details: a scarf is a little accessory that says much about you!

4 – Complement with Harmony

Your clothes must complement yourself, not be louder than yourself. What you wear must be a way for your individuality to be noticed, not for your presence to be forgotten. Elegance is priceless and doesn’t have to mean classic or chic. Elegance means tasteful, relevant, united, anchored in beauty. Remember that when you put your outfit together, what you wish to see is the real YOU. Choose one piece (a top, shoes, a strong accessory…) that reflects you the best and harmonize yourness style around it.

5 – Enhance with Attitude

More than expensive clothes that scream hidden behind a brand, you wish to be charismatic through your personality. Attitude makes up for 75% of your style, because, at the end of the day, you touch people not with your clothes but with your way. Your smile is the best accessory you’ll ever found to create your style. Your sense of kindness, respect and consideration are your most memorable allies to be remembered. While creating yourself and finding your style through it, remember that your sense of presence remains your most natural asset and that this is something you build everyday from within.

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