5 Beautiful Ways To Love Like SoulMates

"5 Beautiful Ways To Love Like SoulMates"

The myth of the soul-mates’ love is one that is so deeply rooted in the human DNA that every soul has naturally been equipped with the ability to serve such an extraordinary Love with the most ordinary moments. While the mind may not always recognize the power within the simple, the ordinary or even the essential, the heart always knows where to feel it, shape it and unleash it. From the formless creative energy to the concrete emotions felt in the heart of soul-mates, there is an infinite ways to share Love.

Here are 5 beautiful ways that top the list of the best!

1 – Understand what your own Love means

Love is first and foremost a space with a tremendous room for everything great and everything possible. Ultimately, it requires a lot of space to be. Each individual represents a world of Love in him/herself. The first ever duty of the soulmate is to explore and discover what Love means for him/herself. Indeed, this is the path of the true lover. Knowing the self so that one can share the gift of the self as the dearest blessing to another. Dive and dwell into your own path, your own Truth and your own love in such a way that all that Love feels is what you become and all that love expresses comes out through you. Become a voice for Love so that when yours sing with another, harmony is heard, felt and known.

2 – Offer your unconditional support

Soul-mates have an unbreakable bond that becomes a bridge on which both can walk safely. This bridge becomes the essential connection to the other in time of joy as much as in time of sorrow. When life is ready to grow, it carries a challenge that allows it to expand it boundaries and know the new limit of its greatness. Love becomes the place where it feels safe to stand until the process of growth is complete. Offering a space of Love while change occurs isn’t an easy gesture yet, for the soul-mate lovers, it is the space where more love is found, more strength is born and more connection is felt.

3 – Give your undivided and un-compromised self

While life ask the mind to be doing a lot at the same time, the heart can remain focus and anchored in the same root. When loving another, hold your love in the root that you have grown into your own soil. Bring your attention to your inner-love and let your life become a channel for this essence throughout your feelings, thoughts and deeds. What you ultimately reveal is authenticity. What you are essentially is transformed into what you share with another. Your authenticity is a vital element of loving like a soulmate. Compromise your truth and you will cease to love from your Soul. You will only create the share of a need to be completed instead of the Love being offered.

4 – Create a safe and healthy world within yourself

Soul-mates have a natural ability to be conscious about the means and the purpose of their life. Therefore, every dimensions of their existence is worthy and dedicated for the greater good of the Sacred. Respect your feelings, nurture your thoughts, maintain your body and align yourself to your highest sense of self. The healthier and safer you will feel within yourself, the greater you can afford to offer a space for another to share your sense of Love. Such a love vibrates at such a level that the essence of the being infuses the very DNA of the physical body through which presence is felt. To love like soul mates do is to be present, share presence and expand presence.

5 – Love above and beyond the eyes

The last yet, not the least of the 5 top ways to love like soul-mates do, is the capacity to love above and beyond the seen. The eyes are only one element of the sensorial system of the human being and loving through the eyes, only, would be limiting the experience. Love is so complete and wholesome that the entire sensorial system must be fully involved in the experience. Begin to feel within the most subtle part of yourself. Let your intuitive self remind you of a connection older than the world and a light greater than sun. Surrender the mind to the inner-sense of self where love, light and knowledge melt as one in the heart. This is how soul-mates love and this is how they feed their garden so that they witness flowers blossoming from seeds they planted in truth.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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  1. Packleader66 says:

    I know exactly what u r talking about. But in the begaining I thought that if I loved someone enough ( not that I didn’t bring up my dreams, I did) and supported and encouraged the others dreams, wants and needs, that I would get the same support in mine. Is it just me or am I thinking wrong. Thku.

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