4 Most Unsuspected Gifts To Give To Yourself

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"4 Most Unsuspected Gifts To Give To Yourself"

You are an amazing creative power at play and the core of your power lies in your ability to manage your senses. The human being relates to his environment with his senses. The world becomes tangible around him for only one reason: his ability to interpret his feelings into understandable datas that, when organized, give him a frame of reference in which he can evolve.

While great importance has been given in creating a world with strong frames of reference, the source remains what is most essential. From which ocean these information are being fished and what fuels the flow are what determines the bricks with which the frame is built. The clearer your senses, the stronger your foundation. Since your intuition is the closest sense with which you feel life, it is the one that can help you enhance the 5 others. Here is, in a nutshell, the 4 most unsuspected gifts to give to yourself so that you connect the life you feel and the life you live through a bridge called harmony.

1 – Give yourself Silence

Intuition is the language with which Life communicate with Life without words. Silence, therefore, becomes the most efficient space to begin to listen to It and recognize what information It is sending through you. Your senses must be still for silence to be heard. Meditation and focused inner-work are best to learn how to let the noise of the mind give room for the voice of silence. Silence helps you discern between noise and voice, between Love and fear, between ego and soul.

2 – Give yourself Love

Love holds many virtues. One of the greatest is compassion. To fuel your senses with compassion is to inject your Truth in them. The kinder you are when you interpret your feelings, the greater the chance to see them being guides more than critics. Love is the channel with which intuition flows. It is the highest vibrational universal frequency. Use its flow to nurture your feelings and emotions so that your mind can easily read guidance, meaning and purpose through them.

3 – Give yourself Truth

Your authenticity has great value in the process of creating your happiness. While your source keeps feeding your flow with information and guidance, pointing at your greatest life, you must consciously align your mind with your truest sense of self. Your five most physical senses can be highly exacerbated when your Truth nurtured by your intuition can come un-compromised. Let your senses be soothed by your feelings and your reality will bring greater opportunities.

4 – Give yourself Credit

Your senses are the bricks that build your reality and as the architect and the builder of your life, you are first and foremost an artist. Each and every artist owes its Life a space for inspiration to thrive. This inspiration, traveling through intuitive vibes is then carried into thoughts through the five senses and ends as your reality. Be creative, be inspired, be wild enough to be You.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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