Salonopera : Cool Baroque Lifestyle Event

"Salonopera : Cool Baroque Lifestyle Event"

The Salonopera a Pirate Consult production created by the artist Maja Fluri represents a patchwork Opera performed during a four course dinner.

Enjoy our delicious and successful Sicilian four – course menu (recommendation on the back). Of course we also harmonise the menu to the ideas of our clients or represent the three musical acts between your own catering.

Are you looking for an event that will offer an unforgettable experience?

Do you want to provide employees and the management of your company a remarkable evening? Do you wish a special event for your family and friends where will you be able to listen to your favourite aria? Then indulge your acquaintances, your business partners and yourself with the opera dinner! 



While enjoying the culinary highlights you will be also inspired by artists dressed in baroque costumes that brings you into the world of Opera and narrates you the story of »Giovannis perception«. You will hear pieces of Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, Dvorák and Mozart about the life of the ‘bon vivant’ Giovanni.

The performance is going to take place in the middle of the audience and you will have the feeling of being on stage yourself !

Production is perfect as a incentive for companies or weddings. If you are interested please contact: +35799065305 or send a mail to: Salonopera

Salonopera Video


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