How to Use Facebook for Your Small Business

"How to Use Facebook for Your Small Business"

When hearing the word social media, only one thing quickly pops to mind: Facebook. People the world over use this social networking site to connect and interact with others; and, as such, businesses are also starting to tap Facebook to increase the “presence” of their goods, products, and services in the World Wide Web.

However, some businesses have not adopted the proper way of dealing with clients or potential clients through Facebook, mainly because they don’t know how to manage their pages well. No matter how much they try to penetrate a market full of heavy social media users, their methods just don’t seem to work. So here’s my question: How do you use Facebook for your small business? If you can’t answer it with a straight face, then you might be lacking from some skills in Zuck’s department.

Managing Your Profile

Create a Facebook page if you don’t have one yet. Have somebody else do it for you if you don’t know how to make one. Not having a point person for the administration and maintenance of your Facebook page is like having a restaurant without hosts, waiters, and kitchen staff.

The next step is to complete your profile honestly and correctly. Put up details and information about your business. Create a custom cover photo that’s stunning, grabbing, and visually pleasing – something that prompts your customers to take action. Examples of stunning Facebook cover pages are those from Coca-Cola and Adidas.

Connecting and Sharing with Others

  • When you use Facebook pages for your small business, you can discuss your offerings through wall posts and updates in a breeze. Customers can easily reach you when they want to make clarifications regarding your product. The most recent query from Nox Edge, a supplement company for athletes, is a good example of how businesses can reply to customer queries through Facebook wall posts.
  • Joe Rush: Can I get this stuff in the UK or order it to be delivered in the UK? Nox Edge: Hey Joe! Sorry, we can’t ship outside the US at this time! We will post here if that changes! Thanks for your interest!
  • Announcing product updates via Facebook can help generate buzz for new products or services. Ilford once created a notefor the announcement of its Ilford Multigrate Art 300 photographic paper.
  • ANNOUNCING the first new ILFORD Black and White Silver Gelatine Paper for 13 years – ILFORD MULTIGRADE ART 300. HARMAN technology is delighted to announce the introduction of a new silver gelatine photographic paper produced in co-operation with Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH. The new paper is a true fine art textured matte paper with a MULTIGRADE coating on 100% cotton rag, acid free paper base.

You can take the opportunity to publicize special promotions on your Facebook pages, like what the folks at RingCentral, a San Mateo-based phone service provider, are doing on a regular basis. 

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