5 Ways To Build A Community That Feels Like A Family

"5 Ways To Build A Community That Feels Like A Family"

Life has always brought humankind together for its survival. Whether it is in small groups or big countries, it has always had. Indeed, the need for togetherness is so anchored within the soul of each human being that one of the most essential needs for humanity is to know that it belongs to something greater than itself. So it is no surprise that people have always formed groups attracting individuals who can feel that they fit in.

Social Media is not an exclusion to the rule. Indeed, more than anything else, it is the clearest evidence of it. We, humankind, seek connectedness as a way to remember our lost memory of Unity and Oneness. Unity isn’t built from differences that hate each others but from uniqueness that complements each other.

I, through this 100th post of “ModernLifeBlogs Inspiration” wish to offer a perspective about peace through unity. If my inspiring writing has ever reached another’s soul and sparked the will to love more, I pray for this one to be the most significant in my vision of touching Life from within and creating a shift with the heart.


Here are my 5 best ways to build a community that feels like a family :

1). Connectedness

Here is the new consciousness explanation of Facebook’s most amazing success. Facebook became a consciousness’s tool to prove to Humanity that 7 billions people existing on a ball of nearly 25 000 miles of circumference were pretty much all one. Life wishes to know itself and to do so, it requires us, human being experiences to not only know of it but truly know it. Connectedness is the founding stone to any sense of community. You wish to form a group, you must begin by revealing what is the common ground on which the individuals who will step on it can stand and express themselves.

2). Interactivity

Here is consciousness showing Facebook: You’re done unless you grow. Connectedness is not enough. Interactivity is essential. A community that holds individuals who do not serve themselves, another or others is vowed to fail. Life exists because it exchanges information. Where there is no exchange of vital information, there will be no Life sooner or later. Interact, exchange, learn, listen, trade, communicate, cooperate, collaborate, merge, relate… Do what it takes but if you wish your community to grow in strength, you, as a leader, must become one interactive being at all levels for all levels.

3). Understanding

Interaction is impossible unless compassion, kindness and understanding are its principles. Communities that grow and sustain a harmonious blossoming have accepted the Truth about Life’s need to exist without limitations but guidelines, without repression but expression and without judgment, but empathy. Understanding provides a space for individuals to express their Truth and for the whole to recognize the uniqueness of the being. Communities that value understanding as core principle emphasize their strength on self-acceptance and right to difference.

4). Equality of Opportunity

Understanding gives way for Life to expand and from this place, there is room for creativity to be born. In a thriving and ever-growing community, one becomes the conscious and compassionate mirror for another. This allows the individual to grow at his own pace and feel supported by the group. Wherever there is a space for compassion and understanding, there is no need for competition. Therefore, those who wish for competition can exist through it and those who wish not can also exist as equal. While no community can ever promise an equality of conditions in the physical world, it can ensure a equality of opportunity.

5). Vision and Sense of Mission

A community without a vision is a business without a CEO. It simply cannot exist nor even strive for growth. A vision is the very fundamental of the existence of a group. The clarity of this vision must be so simple, inspiring and driven that those who choose to be involved can always look up to it to keep walking. Communities without a vision are vowed to vanish. Communities without a sense of mission to carry the vision are vowed to fail. The vision must be great enough that everyone can perceive him or herself in it and the sense of mission must be built so that everyone can find himself or herself as a building part of it.

Peace in the world isn’t something you built alone but somehow it has to be a common individual will for the whole to grow strong in it. The roots of Peace are made of each of us willing to grow our own sense of inner-peace and balance. A community that raises children and support adults in their vision of happiness may grow a world that provides a healthy environment for Love to grow back to what it originally came from.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


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