5 Tips For Better Protection Your E-Mail Privacy

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"5 Tips For Best Protection Your E-Mail Privacy"

Many of you love to send message and an email to your friends and family as they are the most private methods to say stay connected with them rather than posting social feeds on facebook or other social networks when family matters. But to protect your email address from spammer and scammers you have to follow these simple steps for better protecting your email privacy. So you can enjoy all this social fun without any issue.  Lets check out the tips below to protect your email privacy :

1). Choose A Strong Password

While using many social networking site and apps we give our email address all the time and this makes your information visible to public and protect your email from misuse only method is your password. If you use too-weak password and that guess by someone then he/she have full control over your email account. So to protect your account use strong password which you also easily remember or store in safe place. Strong password is used especially if you use a Web based email provider like Gmail or Yahoo mail and many more etc.

2). Protect Your E-Mail Address

Anytime when you send a message to anyone you  also give him your email address but there is no need to give it to whole world. So for protection don’t include your email address in comments on blogs or any social media sites. Spammers and Scammers scrape pages all the time looking for new victims. So next time you wish to do any activities on web please have this in your mind.

3). Beware Public Computers (Internet Cafe)

Be careful while checking your email address on any public computers like Internet Cafe, be sure you’ve logged out and clear cache before leaving. If not doing so this will leave traces that could give next user too much information about you. This is like giving him a opportunity to gain access in your account.

4). Don’t Be Fooled By Fraud

As we receive lots of email in our account now-days from various sources like social network notification and updates. But sometimes you may receive email like “Your email provider has sent you notification of security breach, with a link to reset password” Don’t click that link! It’s a fraud, designed to steal your email account password. If you have any doubts about the email you receive must visit the provider site before clicking on email link.

5). Use Encryption For Protecting Files

Sometimes you just have to send sensitive information via email. To keep your data safe, save it as a document and use word processing application’s built-in encryption, or store the document in an encrypted ZIP file. Then share your password with the recipient separately. You can use software for encrypt your file try free encryption software like Enlocked.

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  1. Aline Hanle says:

    Wow! Thank you so much Amit for your sharing! I will be making adjustment on my virtual sharing with your great tips! You Rock! **hug**

  2. So Amit clarify what you mean by protect your email. It is required by many blogs you post your email but it is not published to be able to leave a comment. Do you mean typing your email in a comment, or tweet or post?

    • Amit Verma says:

      Hi Michele nice to see you here and thanks for your comment and question. Ok so here what i mean to say that don’t write your e-mail address after writing comment just sign in with your login id and comment nothing else to write and not even on twitter if you want to protect your mail just give your mail who you want to give don’t share it with the world and if you wanna give to the world use your domain email not that public email provider like i mention on post. Happy Weekends ((Hugs))

  3. DebbyBruck says:

    Always better safe than sorry. What do you think about leaving your Twitter link at the end of comments?

    • Amit Verma says:

      So nice to see you here dear. Thanks for your support and comment. Oh twitter link you may add but i think it’s not necessary to do so simple comment will do that today many comment platform are their like Gravatar, Disqus and many more etc. So they gives you option to create your profile so when you comment your full profile with your social links if you added visible when people click on your name. Have a great day dear ((Hugs))