5 Nature’s Gifts To Help Us Be Healthy

"5 Nature's Gifts To Help Us Be Healthy"

Nature is the Sacred mother of all Life and as so, it is sensible to believe that what She can birth is made for the greater good of Her own equilibrium. Earth and Humankind are two of the most important elements of this equilibrium and together, when living symbiotically, they can support each other in growing and evolving harmoniously.

This post shares 5 natural goodnesses made by the Earth that benefit the body in bringing harmony and equilibrium into its systems. Keep them in mind whenever your body feels out of balance and remember that while medication is part of the solution, Nature is also.

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Ginger : The Power Spice

Heart disease and high cholesterol are amongst the most popular diseases. While medications are widely researched for these kind of illnesses, ginger has proven to be quite of an natural and critical ally in helping our cardiovascular system…Read more at the “Natural Health Sherpa

Garlic : The Natural Antibiotic

Garlic is a powerful preventative medicine, helping with lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system. It is perhaps the most ancient remedy of all as it was found in Egyptian papyrus from 1500 BC. Learn more about the health benefits of Garlic at “Natural Society

Lemon : The Great Strengthener

Natural strength builder, lemons help strengthen the immune system and cleanse the stomach as well as stay calm and cool when it is made as a drink. Learn more… at “Organic Facts

Mushrooms : Gifts from God

With over 14 000 known mushrooms to which 3 000 are edible and 700 having medicinal properties, mushrooms have been called the gifts from God for the right reason! Read more about the benefits of Mushrooms at: “Vegetarian Nutrition

Smile : Blessing in Disguise

Nature’s most hidden and natural health enhancer is not only free and at reach, it also is infinitely beneficial on all levels of the body, the mind and the soul. The act of smiling holds the most essential secrets of balance and equilibrium: #You, your Beauty and your Truth. Love the way of the smile and you’ll live the life of the healthy ones. Read more about the benefits of smiling at “Good Relaxation” 

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