5 Little Findings To Uncover Your Passion & Keep It Alive

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"5 Little Findings To Uncover Your Passion & Keep It Alive"

When Life becomes boring and nothing seems to spark it, we wish that we could have a magic wand or a little fairy to remind us where to find our deepest inspiration. There is no doomer space than one of stagnation of ideas or unfulfilled search for creative strikes.

While the mind cannot always be a pure creative genius at play, it can remain a space for the flow to move so that when life requires a little inspiring kick, it knows where to swim and find itself floating amongst illuminating possibilities. The space where those sparks are found is the wilderness of your own being. The space where they are kept alive and thriving is the centeredness of all of your desires. Like the eye of the hurricane where everything is moved around yet remain indivisibly strong within.

Here are 5 little findings to uncover your passion & keep it alive :

1). Find your Source

Passion finds no driven flow within stagnating waters. It requires a moving river with a source from which it can anchor its pulsating power and forever fill the stream with endless motion. Write a list of things that move your heart and bring your soul to flirt with life. This gives a frame of reference for your mind and a direction to begin the search for an idea and ultimately a space to always go back for resourcing.

2). Find Yourself

Passion exists within each of us and while we may not always look like a passionate, vibrant, electrifying and high-spirited person, we remain this very essence in our deepest core. So finding ourselves within the midst of the ordinary, boring, common and standard moment is a daily journey within the self. Write a list of qualities you know about yourself and that others may value within yourself. This will keep you on your toes with who you are in the moment which is where inspiration always can be found.

3). Find Your Smile

Little yet potent trick is your smile. Whatever makes your smile rise is a hint on whatever your Soul thrives. A smile does not lie when it comes from within. It is unexpected. It may be risen only with a thought or a memory. It is invigorating and enlightening and more so it is a mood changer. Inspiration is a flow that easily moves through states of being such as happiness, joy and love. A smile is the hook that invites you to follow the trail it unfolds so that you enters in the spheres of contentment where you have greater opportunities to meet creativity over and over again.

4). Find Your Truth

You are unique and no matter how easy it is to copy another, your style has a definite flavor that carries your name. Be willing to make you style yours by being different, exceptional or uncommon. Passion that has a strong anchor in uniqueness and has found its source (See #1) becomes an unlimited flow for abundance in creativity when it is deeply rooted in a strong sense of self. To be willing to be You and remain You is to ensure that your inspiring stream will find you and will keep running through you

5). Find Your Boundaries

It is said that wherever passion flows, Bliss will follow. Bliss is a space of euphoria where high emotions can be felt. Undoubtedly, this means that your mind will try to trick you to keep you from reaching it. The mind is made to keep you safe and unchanged. For the mind, your creative passion may appear as a space of instability and ruthless territories. While it is always a possibility, I invite you to find boundaries to your own passions. This, on all the tricks to help you find it, may be the catch 22. Indeed, not finding one’s passion is most of the time the result of being too narrow-minded. This is where the fun begins.

A flow that is not contained within a structure cannot last. Your passion requires a strong womb for its flow to be purposely directed. Make a list of what you need to feel safe and make these loving fences, your wise guardrail. From it, learn to navigate in your passionate flow from your source to yourself, your smile and your Truth.

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  1. Ande Lyons says:

    Aline!! This post is so beautiful… thank you for these passionate tips to help rekindle the spark inside all of us. Success is nothing without fulfillment, and we can’t feel fulfilled unless we’re PASSIONATE. Smiling away here in Boston – MUAH! Ande

    • Aline Hanle says:

      Ande… Your words are inspiring me to write more.. you are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the spirit of this post.. I feel it deeply as passion carries the breath of my day and the heartbeats of my night.. :-)

  2. Sandra says:

    Oh my, how I loved this post! I’ve put it on my desktop, and will be printing it off because everybody should know this and remember it!