5 Basic Truths & Golden Secrets Of Those Who Succeed

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"5 Basic Truths & Golden Secrets Of Those Who Succeed"

Success is a pretty obscure concept that means many things for different people. Whether it is happiness, scientific discovery, spiritual realization, fame, monetary wealth or else, success is undeniably sought by many as it tends to give sense to a quest made of time and self-definition.

While there is no one way to succeed, there seems to be a common thread that most of those who claim success also claim as their assets to make it happen. Made of simple Truths, each of them must be considered as a nugget of gold representing part of a treasure called Genius. Here is, in a nutshell, the 5 basic truths and golden secrets of those who succeed.

1). Vision


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Every great success, without distinction, has one common denominator: the vision in which it is anchored. Success is the consequence of a succession of steps that begin with the first one made of a single seed of possibility. Whether this vision needs to grow for a day, a year or a lifetime, it is the most determinant factor of one’s success. The reason for it ,is that the energy with which vision activate your awareness is that it gives it an aim. When your energy has an aim, it has a direction towards which to be drawn. Be a visionary, realize where your heart is pulling you and give it a vision to hold onto that pull.

2). Focus


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A vision alone isn’t sufficient. Indeed, it is very often a dream left without a path well-defined and therefore unable to be strong enough to lay bricks over that can sustain a structure of reality. Focus is so essential to your vision that it becomes the ultimate companion for it. It holds the sense of commitment and mission to the seed. It is the nurturer that keeps reminding you where your steps must be set and from where your breath must be inspired.

3). Attitude


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When the vision and the focus are aligned, the duet requires the emotional and mindful support of an attitude of gratitude and humility. Obstacles will be knocking with only one purpose: to challenge your ability to learn and grow. While your intellect and intelligence, together, play a considerate role in your ability to keep moving, your attitude remains the seal that holds them tight and strong. Never underestimate the power of your response-ability, personal interpretations, leadership mindset and inner-presence. They are, indeed, all the assets that will influence your journey to success.

4). Perseverance


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While walking hand-in-hand with focus, perseverance claim a little more depth about the moment. This concept refers to the sense of determination in the now moment. It is the “short-term focus” element of success. Decision after decision, choice after choice and challenge after challenge, perseverance is the difference between the step you’ve just walked and the next one. It doesn’t determine the end of the journey but more so it becomes the fuel to your next move. Each moment you show perseverance, you demonstrate an extraordinary ability in bringing your vision into your reality in the moment. This is a powerful tool of the co-creative process.

5). Faith


Faith | Image Credit : http://bit.ly/MYk4g5

The least yet not the last of the 5 basic truths and golden secrets of those who succeed is a strong sense of faith. This strong asset needs no reason, no understanding nor even a slight sense of evidence. It is the sense of knowing that your inner-strength is connected to a field of possibility greater than you and to which you are reciprocally connected without dependency but co-dependency. It is the seed of what grows a leader and the blossom harvested from the wisdom of Life. Have a little faith in you and you’ll build a smile. Have a great Faith in Life and you’ll grow your greatest dream.

Those who succeed owe their greatest moments to the little ones that seemed not to count at the time and revealed themselves as the ones that matter the most, at the end. ~Aline

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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