New Freemake Music Box Rocks More Cool Stuff Inside

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"New Freemake Music Box Rocks More Cool Stuff Inside"

Internet radio and online music are satellites of our daily life. Among other cool music apps we reviewed like Spotify, Grooveshark and, there is an app that deserves to try – Freemake Music Box 0.9.3. The app was recently updated to deliver great music experience. So let’s take a look what’s inside the Box.

Freemake Music Box is free Windows software that help search and listen to music online. It contains inbuilt music player so you can find a song and start enjoying it right away. Now Music Box was improved with search suggestions. Like Google search, Freemake Music Box forecasts your search requests and displays an artist’s name or a song title before you finish typing.  Thus, you can just click the suggestion and find a song faster.

"Freemake Music Box 0.9.3"

Moreover, Freemake Music Box 0.9.3 allows you to organize your music collections better. Thanks to added drag and drop, you can sort songs in playlists and move songs from search results directly to your playlist. Another available option to change songs’ order is shuffle, but familiar drag and drop looks more convenient and easier.

One more improvement is higher music playback quality. It’s an important enhancement for music amateurs who are used to listen to good music.

So test the new features of Music Box today and let us know what you think of it.


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  1. Thanks Elena, this sounds like a fun app to have. I’ll take a closer look at this.  I like the idea of drag and drop for sorting collections and certainly a searchlist prompt as you are typing is a great time saver as well as handy if you can’t remember the exact title, assuming I’ve understood the search function correctly? Is that right?  If you put part of the title in it will give possible answers?