Go Twitterific : Top 12 reasons To Do Tweet Chats

"Go Twitterific Top 12 reasons To Do Tweet Chats"

The fact that a tweet can only have as many as 140 characters can be seen as a point that emphasizes the ease of use or the one that throws a challenge at you. You get only that many characters in one go to get your message across and therein lays the fun of Twitter. Precision is the key.

Tweets do not take a lot of your time but the flurry of tweets on people’s timeline is a manifestation of the way tweeting has caught up with people in a big way. People are keen on sharing everything about themselves through their tweets, down to the detail of the activities taken up through the day.

Join in the fun to experience it on your own. Here are the top 12 reasons that make tweet chats so much fun to indulge in.


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1. Follow anyone you like

Search for interesting people with similar interests and follow them to receive their tweets on your timeline. There is absolutely no restriction on which you can follow. Only a minuscule percentage of people keep their tweets protected.

2. Reach out to people by replying to tweets

It is easy to strike a conversation with people on Twitter by just replying to a tweet. Interact with people regularly to increase your number of followers and to be able to increase your sphere of influence through conversations.

3. Build your social media presence with tweet chats

Your presence on Twitter can serve as a source of traffic for your blog or website. In addition, the contacts you build on Twitter help in the real world as well as the interaction on Twitter invariably give way to organized meetings for people who interact regularly.

4. Support your SEO initiatives

Interact and contribute to the community and reap rich dividends for yourself as well. Promote your blog or website. Retweets from your followers expand your reach and the inbound links work well for increasing the rank of your site on search engine result pages.

5. Get to learn from important people in your knowledge domain

With access to Twitter, it is possible for you to communicate with people of repute in your sphere of activity. Learn more and become better at your work through your tweet chats.

6. Make your opinion count on varied issues

Your tweets need not be frivolous. Make your opinion known on important issues. Join in the discussion to get others’ opinions not just on the same line as yours but also the ones that present a different picture. themes desk

7. Join into the hype around a trending topic

Tweets with hashtags give shape to a trending topic on Twitter. As more people tweet on the trending topic, Twitter gets its own little revolution that molds people’s opinion. Be a part of it.

8. Use direct messages if you need privacy

Two people who follow each other on Twitter can interact through direct messages. If there is something you wish to say without sharing it with everyone, use a direct message.

9. Protect your tweets if you wish

The fun of Twitter lies in it being an open platform for interaction but if you wish to share your tweets only with the people you approve to follow you, then you have the option of protecting your tweets. Have uninhibited fun by interacting with close friends.

10. Keep abreast with information on your favorite celebrities

You need not look elsewhere for information about your favorite singers or movie stars when these celebrities too have a profile on Twitter. Get to know everything about them as they post information on their day to day life. As stars seek to interact with their fans, you may also get lucky and get a reply to your tweet.

11. Connect with people irrespective of their geographical location

This is the best thing about any social networking portal. Geographical location and timezone is no obstacle when it comes to interaction. Get to know people from around the world. Connect through shared interests.

12. Interact with interesting people without revealing your identity

Your Twitter handle is your identity on Twitter. Nobody actually cares to know your name unless people want to meet in real life. If you are not comfortable sharing your real world identity, you need not worry. It is in no way a hindrance to your interaction with people.

Twitter is a giant in the crowd of social networking portals. The famed 140 character networking site has crossed 140 million in terms of the number of users. Moreover, twitter power cannot be underestimated because now there is even a tweet run Mercedes Benz about to hit the roads soon. No wonder if soon people start donning social media garments that lets them tweet through their gestures. Sounds fun, right? Whether it’s fun or tech aspect twitter is giving everyone run for its money.

Advertising has only made its away now on Twitter but through a less intruding format of promoted tweets. The fun of tweet chats continues unabated. Changes are being implemented to make the interface better and to enhance the quality of user experience. The add-ons certainly add value but it is the interaction with people that matters above all.

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