Best Stuff University Won’t Teach You but YouTube and Vimeo Would

"Best Stuff University Won’t Teach You but YouTube and Vimeo Would"

The Internet, despite its flaws, provides a dynamic and engaging way to educate. Here are some YouTube and Vimeo videos that inform, inspire, and/or entertain like no school can.

Brent Hoff – The Love Competition

Beautiful is what this short film is. Filmmaker Brent Hoff teams up with Stanford University neuroscientists to test which among seven participants, ranging from 10-75 years old, can love the best. Using an fMRI to monitor brain activity, the researchers measure the “strongest” love by observing the brain regions involved in producing the neurochemical experience of love. The contestant who generates the most brain activity in five minutes wins.

With surprising results and backed up with music by The Pauses, this video will surely leave you glowing with sweet, sweet love.

Kirby Ferguson – Everything is A Remix

Are innovators like God who can create something out nothing? Ferguson argues that innovations are actually the product of the age-old folk art of remixing – combining or editing the same materials to produce something new. A series of four parts uploaded in Vimeo, Everything is a Remix is a discussion on music, film, and copyright/intellectual property rights history showing how creative works are actually derivatives; creativity is actually a process of copying, transforming and combining. Thought-provoking and with a strong call-to-action, this video is a statement against current notions on the nature and purpose of ideas.

RSA Animate – The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

What would make people get up in the morning and race to work? Is it money and other rewards?

In this engaging video presentation adapted from Dan Pink’s talk, the factors of better performance are explained through cartoon drawings and real-life examples. Drawing on the research “Large Stakes and Big Mistakes” by Dan Ariely, Uri Gneezy and George Lowenstein, Pink’s discussion questions the reward/punishment system as an adequate motivator for productivity. To date, RSA Animate’s video has hit more than 8 million views on YouTube. Watch this for Dan’s lively discussion and complementary awesome drawings.

Commoncraft – Zombies in Plain English

Want to learn how to survive a zombie attack? This Commoncraft YouTube video will be the most useful resource. Using animated paper cut-outs and simple language, the video gives helpful zombie tips from how to identify a zombie to how flaming zombies are more dangerous than normal ones.

If zombies are too audacious for you, check out other Commoncraft Plain English videos, which make complicated and boring topics easy and interesting. Choose from short discussions on the basics of Augmented Reality, Social Media, and Social Networking; and products such as PR Web, Google Docs, Sync by Ford and Microsoft, and cloud phone system RingCentral, among others.

Nick Vujicic

Is the world getting you down? Don’t think you’re good enough for anything? Nick Vujivic’s videos uploaded by different people on YouTube will leave you inspired. Drawing on his faith and his experiences as a person born with no limbs, Nick motivates people to be thankful, dream big, and never give up. All these may sound trite, but you’ll be touched by the sincerity and authenticity of this guy who has moved young people worldwide with his love for life. Keep a pack of tissues nearby when you watch this.

Ronnie Bruce – Typography

What started out as a typography animation project for Ronnie Bruce’s class soon made the rounds in Vimeo and YouTube. Based on the clever poem “Totally like whatever, you know?” by Taylor Mali, this visual poetry mash-up will keep you hooked. You’ll soon be searching for other Mali poems around the net after watching this one.

Tanya Davis – How to be Alone

Lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless, and lonely is healing if you make it.

The soothing poetry and music of singer-songwriter and poet Tanya Davis combined with the editing, animation, and photography of Andrea Dorfman make for a lovely spoken word film on the freedom found in loneliness. Tanya lulls us from verse to verse in this short audiovisual.

Which among these videos is your favorite? What other YouTube and Vimeo links are on your list?

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