7 Most Efficient Ways To Build A Long Lasting Relationship

"7 Most Efficient Ways To Build A Long Lasting Relationship"

Relationships are the hearts of humanity. Not only, do they exist for physical survival but more so they are at the core of Humanity’s very own reason of existence. While not every relationship is meant to last, there are means to nurture them in such a way that the meeting of two people becomes more than an exchange of experiences but truly the sharing of soulful truths.

Here is a list of 7 ways to best built long-lasting relationships through which souls can connect, thrive and grow in a continuous sense of harmony.

1). Path of Non-Judgment

The first ever rule of long lasting relationship is non-judgment. There is no room for connection where perceptions have no room to co-exist within their difference. Non-judgment is fundamental to create an atmosphere of safety and trust. For two people to find the space to share their truth is to give each the comfort to express their feelings, be heard and be loved beyond the words.

2). Path of Humility

Non-Judgment is possible when we realize the value of our own truth and value, with the same worth, the truth of another. Humility in relationship allows the mind to remain open to another perception with a great sense of detachment while being greatly attached to the person who shares it. The nature of another’s truth is Sacred and, as so, must be cared with honor.

3). Path of Gratitude

Those who are brought into our life are those we have attracted to mirror us our own Truth. While parts of this Truth may not always be the most beautiful one, they remain our very own belonging. Gratitude for those who walk by us and hold us accountable for our truth is an essential aspect of a long-lasting relationship. Remembering that while darkness is being shown, the Light is being pulled from below, only to come out and let us shine even more.

"How To Build A Lasting Relationship"

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4). Path of Kindness

The greatest sealer for relationships is kindness. Kindness represents the dearest expression of love. Undeniable evidence of care and attention, kindness offers a bridge for joy, happiness and harmony. Kindness is always possible even when disagreement is present. It is the blossoming of a philosophy of Life founded on gratitude. Kindness offers space for communication and self-expression. It is the flow through which souls find themselves sharing the most of their Truth.

5). Path of Curiosity

Long-lasting relationships are based on the continuous sense of curiosity about what Life is. Life that exists within the self and within all form. It also is the natural space for the inner-child to feel the freedom of its original source. When two can find themselves being curious, wanting to discover and explore their sense of Life or finding enough strength to wander into the wilderness of their existence, then life expands into a journey of eternal discoveries and endless creativity.

6). Path of Simplicity

The ultimate space where long-lasting relationships find themselves is in simplicity. People who can exist and share the moment for itself can enjoy life with nothing more than their own presence to fill it up. Realizing the excellence held in the moment only through presence offers the most realistic window onto life at the source where Love exists without need.

7). Path of Understanding

Two people who have chosen to connect have met on a common ground called Friendship. While this common ground is divinely sacred, it also is filled with societal stigmas that tend to set it apart from any other sense of relationship such as lovers or spouses. The common ground for all relationships is Friendship and the strongest stone to this ground is understanding. Understanding isn’t only precious, it is priceless and relationships that wish to grow in harmony and compassion must share life with a compassionate heart and a flexible mind where love guides thoughts into understanding and therefore acceptance.

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