The Ins And Outs Of Video Blogging For Small Businesses

"The Ins And Outs Of Video Blogging For Small Businesses"

Looking for a way to spice up those blog posts? These days it takes more than fancy writing and a few high end graphics to keep people interested in your blog. Think about it. People are reading less and watching more — more movies, more video chatting, more t.v., and it makes sense. Could there be better (and what I mean is faster) way to get information across than video?

“So,” you might ask yourself, “how can I use this new information, although really you’re not telling me anything I haven’t already heard…how can I, the small business owner, put this valuable information to good use?”

I’m glad you asked. Clearly, the clever business blogger who is in the know would start adding some video blogs into their post rotation. You know, to spice things up.

If you’ve never done a video blog before, you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is, and even more surprised at how effective it can be.

But, enough beating around the bush. You want to start video blogging? It’s this simple.

The Tools

Do you own a digital camera? Great, odds are you’re all set. Most digital cameras these days shoot video, in fact, a great deal of them shoot HD video which may be fancier than you even need. What’s that? You use your iPhone to take pictures? You’re still good to go. You don’t need to buy an expensive camera to make a professional looking video blog. You just need a little bit of know how.

More Tools

I feel like I may have been misleading in that last section. Yes, most smartphones and digital cameras shoot video and yes, the ability to shoot video is all you really need, but if you want to produce a truly classy looking video blog, you may want to consider investing in some kind of tripod (to keep the camera still while recording, shaky footage is the first sign of a bush league video) as well as some video editing software which can run you anywhere from 0$-900$ depending on what you are looking for (hint: since you’re probably not going for the Oscar this time around, start with the free stuff.  You’d be surprised how well some of them work).

The Devil Is In The Details

Once you’ve made you’re first attempt at shooting a video blog, go back and watch your video and take a few notes. How did the background look? Were you well lit? Are there any annoying ambient noises like dog barks or car horns.

You’ll always find a few surprises buried in your first video blogging attempts, but don’t let that stop you. After a while, shooting video will become second nature.

Know Your Audience

I know. This is pretty obvious, at least I hope it is. If you’ve been blogging for any length of time you know that you should always be familiar with the audience you are writing for and write to that audience, specifically. You don’t want to alienate anybody. Well the same goes for shooting video, but now you have to look the part as well. If you are gearing your video toward the hedge fund crowd, you’d better be wearing a suit, and a nice one at that. On the other hand, if you are marketing to stay at home moms, a more casual outfit would do you right.

Keep It Short

Honestly, the best advice I could give to first time video bloggers is to keep those videos short. There is a tendency to ramble when you’re on camera that should be avoided at all costs. For your first video post, I’d suggest keeping it under a minute. I know. That’s not a lot of time. But remember, your goal is to get their attention. The video is the bait that will get them interested. Like I said before, you’re not going for the Oscar. At least not this time.

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  1. Adam Bean says:

    Great post Daniel

    When you tell people to make video they usually frak out, but it really isn’t that hard. And you ave provided some excellent tips to keep it simple for them. Only thing I would add is talk like you are talking to your best friend, don’t try and script to much, just let your message roll out naturally.

    Cheers Beanie

  2. Short and sweet Daniel – great write up!  It certainly would be an added benefit to our site, maybe as a 30 sec video to introduce new arrivals etc. Not got the confidence yet to go to Vlogging but I haven’t ruled it out!

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