Social Media Everyday Stuff Used Better

"Social Media Everyday Stuff Used Better"

They say that in order to maximize something to its full potential, you should read the manual before use. But how many of the most commonly used tools today do not come with a user guide? Quite a lot, actually.

Here are our suggestions to how you can use some everyday tools in much better ways.


Most people’s homepage is Google. Maximize this Internet god’s powers by making sure your business’s website shows up when people search keywords that are related to your business. Search engine optimization is the process of planning and executing strategies to bring a website to the top of the search list. But if you do this, make sure that your website is effective in converting visitors to paying clients. For what good would your Google efforts be if you do not follow through with a good website? As you reach the top of Google, get ready to take more calls. VoIP service RingCentral equips businesses with all-inclusive phone systems that will help you manage the incoming barrage of calls.


The top social media website in the whole world, Facebook has now become an essential part of a person’s everyday life. Around two thirds of Web users have Facebook profiles, and that means a lot of friends. So if you want to catch up with an old friend, he’s most likely on Facebook. Simply search his name on Facebook and add him up. However, Facebook has gotten so popular and so crowded that for some, it has stopped serving its purpose – to help people create and strengthen their network. It will do you good to prune your fiends list to limit your feeds to only those that are truly relevant to you. You should also check your privacy settings to ensure that your information cannot be seen by people you do not know.


You would think that the recent developments in television would only involve some new gadget or an upgraded screen resolution, but you’d be surprised to know (or not) that Twitter is one addicting improvement you’d want to get your hands on to improve your viewing pleasure. Television viewers who have Twitter accounts would usually tweet their commentaries as the show is being broadcast, providing them a richer experience that goes beyond watching a show. Watch out for a TV show to trend or search the name of the show while it is being broadcast, and you’ll be presented with a stream of tweets that is updated in real time. Participate and give your opinion, but only in 140 characters or less.

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