Actwitty : Discover Your Interests And Share It With World

"Actwitty  : Discover Your Interests And Share It With World"

Hello friends we have brought you again new and interest ways to manage your social profiles and get engage with your audience or followers in a better and organised way. So now you have to no more search deep in your twitter straem for your friends and their contents all this presented to you in sleek and well crafted detail.

Wondering? I know you all eagerly want to know about the service i am talking about. OK the name is Actwitty – The Complete YOU. Discover your interests. Share it with world. Still in beta so you have to sign up or login via Facebook or Twitter to get access private beta access. They will open your account as they receive your request but this takes some time to proceed your request.

Actwitty is about to change the way we are perceived on internet. Its creates a complete you from your data and activities on various social networks.

1). Actwitty Autogenerated Bio

"Your Autogenerated Bio"

Actwitty Autogenerated Bio

Actwitty solves the problem by auto generating user bio based on the tedious analysis of users data. Bio covers the topics being trended by user in recent times. This makes a sensible introduction about the user and makes a better connection. Best part is there is zero effort by user to get this bio.

2). Categorization of Services Into Topics

"Categorization of Your Data"

Categorization of Services Into Topics

Actwitty at its core pulls user data from social network sites, its semantic engine processes the data for various things like

  • Topic of discussion (Technology, Entertainment, Health, Business etc.)
  • Key terms mentioned in the shared data
  • Data shared has video, image, blog link etc.
  • Extracts topical distribution across services.

Actwitty then creates a user impression as shown above which highlights the way user shares his data on his social networking platform.

3). You mentioned Actwitty just highlights

"Highlighting of Keyterms"

You mentioned Actwitty just highlights

Actwitty pulls the data from social networking services, semantic engine of Actwitty categorises the data into topics. Actwitty steps ahead and finds key terms or mentions in every data element and associate them with mentions. Topics + Mentions gives a consolidated view of an individual by giving a flexible dimension to topics.

4). Every week is different and so is behavior

"Your trends Across Weeks"

Every week is different and so is behavior

Its important to highlight yourself aggregated these social networks and keep track of our trends across time as it draws more focus on you and your interests. For instance, if you want to identify if there is burst of posts of some topic by an individual or he/she goes uniformly across weeks.

Its about giving credibility backed by your behaviour. Actwitty creates a timeline of trends, the way you have distributed your shares across topics.

5). Popularity among friends and followers

"Your Popularity On Topics"

Popularity among friends and followers

The best way to see the content one is posting was received by its audience well is by seeing how well the audience contributed by liking, sharing or retweeting. Also, this reflects the most correct way of finding the influence of an individual. Actwitty tracks the likes, comments, shares under a topic for Facebook and retweets under a topic for Twitter.

6 ). Friends And Their Data Is Important

"Your Contacts Organized"

Friends And Their Data Is Important

At any point of time we get a lot of posts from one friend and this can push other friends far below. This kind of aggressive behaviour from few contacts on social networks needs throttles to consume the data better on social networks.

This is an add on but a very important feature in Actwitty to throttle your wall posts and aggregate the posts on users. Click on users shows them on the Feeds.

Actwitty is a great platform to transform your social media links in a great way and engage with your audience. This makes ‘The Complete YOU’ – Amit Verma (CEO & Founder)

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  1. Frank says:


    Thanks for sharing this great information. Here is my own contribution.

    Discovering oneself on time in life is a great challenge we all face at one point or the other. Whether we are buoyant financially or otherwise, if the inner man in us is not satisfied by what we do, we are definitely not close to our purpose in life. However, the environment is a great influence in our life. Our success greatly depends on the information we feed ourselves with and those that are available to help us through.

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