8 Best Apps For The Mobile Professional

"8 Best Of The Best Apps For The Mobile Professional"

If you’re one of those professionals on-the-go who needs help in choosing which ones to put on your mobile, make sure you check out these apps which have made several best apps lists. 

1). Any.DO

Specifically made for Android, Any.DO is a simple yet powerful productivity and to-do app optimized for voice commands and gestures.  Instead of typing, speak to tell Any.DO what needs to be done, drag and drop tasks, swipe completed tasks, and shake your phone to clear information from your screen.  The app also lets you add and organize tasks by priorities, dates, or folders and share them to colleagues.  To make sure you stay on top of your to-do list, Any.DO syncs with Google and provides a widget for your homescreen. 

2). Bizodo

PCMag’s Best Small Biz App for 2012, Bizodo is one of the runaway winners for business apps.  It lets you create instant custom forms like surveys, landing pages, invitations, order forms, and event registrations. It also lets you sync information with your cloud, set follow-up tasks, and embed forms into your site and Facebook page.  A simple yet powerful tool, Bizodo is one of the best all-around apps you can have on your business phone.

3). Box

Box is a popular file sharing and online collaboration tool for IT professionals, enterprises and simple users. According to the Financial Times, Box is adopted by 77% of Fortune 500 companies and has attracted a host of investors, bringing up the company’s value to around 650 million dollars as of October 2011.  Box has since been working with other software companies and has integrated its services with Google Apps, Salesforce, and more recently, with small business cloud telephony provider RingCentral.

4). Bump

With Bump, sending a business card to a new contact almost sounds medieval.  This app has made several  lists for letting users share contact numbers, photos, calendar events, and other social networking info by bumping phones with other Bump users.  Bump uses a smart matching algorithm in its cloud servers to sense bumps from phones around the world. It then pairs up phones with other phones that feel the same bump and transfers information via an encrypted connection.

5). Expensify

Juggling travelling and keeping track of expenses can be a hassle, but Expensify makes the task less painstaking.  The Android/WebOS/iOS/Blackberry app links credit cards, tracks mileage, creates and stores receipts, reimburses expenses, and creates financial reports instantly.  The processes are all paper-free and they use a smart scanning system to automatically extract information from receipts uploaded through your phone’s camera.

6). Google Maps

Need we say more?  Google Maps has won even the loyalties of men who don’t like asking for directions.  It’s one of the, if not the, most useful apps to have on your phone when you need to know where you are, where everything else is, and how you’re going to get anywhere from California to Timbuktu.

7). TripIt

Anyone who travels should have this app on their phone.  TripIt makes it easy to keep up with multiple flights, hotel reservations, and car rentals.  By simply forwarding your travel confirmation to emails, TripIt draws up an itinerary for you and delivers it to your mobile for handy reference.  Making travel arrangements with family, friends, and colleagues is also easier, since the app also allows you to share travel information with others.

8). Yelp

Yelp blends location-sharing, local search, social networking, and user reviews to recommend nearby restaurants, gas stations, shops, and other services within your vicinity.  User reviews create a reputation system that facilitates feedback mechanisms and helps you see which users share your interests.

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