5 Tips That Your Personal Trainer May Not Tell You

"5 Tips That Your Personal Trainer May Not Tell You"

Health is important, everyone knows that. What everyone may not know is why health is important. Health is not only significant for life-spent purpose. It is important because of the moments spent while living it. These moments give sense for your choices and these moments are what determines your next move, your next self-declaration and your next self-actualization.

Here are 5 tips that fewer personal trainers are sharing as they are healthy tips beyond the health. The health tips that your eyes can recognize but with which your entire being vibrate.

1). Health is more than a thin body.

Health is an open mind and an open heart that give way for a thinking process and a decision process aligned with your conscious highest good. To be born in the 20th century is to have been given the full privilege to remember that Life isn’t only what we see but it is also what is hidden. Health cannot be related only to the physical dimension as science has certainly proven – and reinforced by spirituality – that Life is a holistic system that encompasses the seen, the unseen and everything in between.

2). Your Training or Weight Loss begins with your Self-Esteem

No training or physical change can ever be efficient until the spark that triggers it comes from the deep need to empower the Truth that exists within you. Whatever change can come before the eyes has first begun being envisioned within the heart. The personal Trainer of the 21st Century cannot remain stuck in the old way asking you to push weight, eat less and keep running. This was a good way to start in the 80′ but, and as the number of obese and overweight people demonstrates, it is not enough anymore! Bring yourself to believe in yourself and your training will become your way.

3). The Real training is Walking through the door

While lifting the weight, running, taking the class or stretching are of great significance for someone who wishes to care for his or her health, these are not the most essential steps to health. Health is the result of habits and habits are born out of a systemic approach to life that serves who you are. When you claim your self-worthiness enough that you find the courage to get your body to the gym, then you have become accustomed to your self-worthiness as a place that vibrates who you are. From there, training isn’t a challenge. The energy that vibrates in a gym club supports the experience of training. The challenge is the path between home and the gym as it is you facing yourself.

4). Come to the gym not to fit in the world but to fit your world into your Life.

The first motivation for physical change is a deep need for an inner-revolution because, somehow, the life we experience fits not with the Life we dream of. The motivation for change is an inner-spark for Self-realization and growth of consciousness. You Life is what you are seeking to grow and your health is part of this space you are making to fit the new version of you: someone who lives in agreement with his or her Truth. Fit your Truth in your Life & you will find the space for health, Love and happiness.

5). Realize that you are already “Perfect”

This one isn’t heard a lot, yet it is the very truth. What you are at this moment is exactly what you think about yourself, therefore, as the law of attraction and the power of manifestation happen, you are perfect in excellence.. While your eyes wish to perceive something different, your heart knows that, at the present moment, there is no greater you than the one you see. The one that can become must be born from this excellence. Accept this excellence and you’ll have a step to walk on to move higher.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. One important factor about going to gym and having a healthy lifestyle is discpline.

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    Bravo!!!! I’ve really got nothing to add as you’ve touched on such great key points, I absolutely love this post!

    • Thank you so much Meredith! If my 17 years of personal training have taught me something, it is, without a doubt, all of these points! Love and Light to you! :-) Be well!

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