MultiMi : Stay Connected, Organised & Secure

"MultiMi : Stay Connected, Organised & Secure"

We spend lots of time in social networking like facebook, twitter or google+ and more new social sites keep on coming. But to stay or get updates we have to login everytime we have to sign in to every account for to make our account safe and secure also. Many apps in market but they aren’t safe to link your account because some of them are not virus protected or don’t scan files while downloading. 

So here’s the solution for your all your social or email need all in one place. MultiMi is a free desktop app that makes sharing and socializing across your email accounts and social networks a breeze. Chat, swap photos, update your status, check your inboxes and calendar… all in one safe place. With MultiMi it’s easier to stay in touch with friends on your existing accounts. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Picassa, Hotmail and more.

"MultiMi : Stay Connected, Organised & Secure"

MultiMi collects all your accounts and networks so you can connect with friends and family, surf the web, and share pics, vids and files simply by dragging and dropping.MultiMi automatically assesses the links you receive through sharing and searching.Just install MultiMi for free, connect to your accounts and networks, and you’re good to go. Leave multiple logins and switching between browser tabs behind. With MultiMi, you can manage your online life seamlessly.


Enter a tidy space containing all your online contacts. Get tweets, posts, links, photos and videos from everyone (and everything) you like and follow in a single feed. Update your status across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simultaneously. Drag and drop photos and videos across your social and email accounts. Staying in touch and sharing is easier than ever.


Centralize your social and professional engagement. Keeping track of meetings, parties, and special occasions is a snap. Fully customizable settings let you arrange MultiMi exactly the way you want and find what you need in seconds.


All your data stays safely on your desktop. MultiMi doesn’t store or replicate any of your personal information. Plus AVG LinkScanner® security technology helps MultiMi automatically assess all the links you receive.

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  1. Connected, organized & secure!! It seems like a great place to be!! Thank you Amit! I will check it out.. I had never heard of it before! You are the best source to get the Tech news! <3

    • Amit Verma says:

      Glad you like the info. Yes it’s great software to get in touch with many social network activity all in one place but this service or software not yet developed to be used with Mac only for Windows PC. So you have to wait again patience. Keep Rocking :-)

  2. Beth says:

    Wow, great find Amit.  Just downloaded it

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