BO.LT : Make Your Pages Creative And Organized

"BO.LT Make Your Pages Creative And Organized"

Hello friends as i know many of us are using Pinterest the social photo sharing network and enjoying it very much. So today i brought a new social tool that makes your life more fun. Many of us like to share websites with our friends. Sometimes pages or site goes down or there is a server issue and still you want to show them and its urgent. Then this site is an awesome place for you! Just visit the website and use bookmark or Chrome extension to copy page. It will copy the whole page exactly as it is shown to you.

So you want to know which service i am talking about? Sure you want to know! The site name BO.LT. Let’s discuss in detail about this below : 

BO.LT gives you a way to save, organize and share stories, articles and vacation plans. You can gather great design examples, gift ideas, useful tips and any other meaningful content you find on the Web and save it all within your own personal, permanent collection.

When you share with BO.LT, you express yourself with every page you share. Every page you copy and add is your personal, permanent replica, to which you can attach your profile picture, your comment, and an invitation to explore what you care about. If you get inspired, you can even edit the page content and images before you share it.

Bookmarked content can be changed, moved or deleted. Links shared on Facebook and Twitter get buried after you share. BO.LT is different because it creates a gallery of permanent page copies that you can share and revisit at anytime.

Interview with Matthew Roche CEO of BO.LT

"Interview with Matthew Roche CEO of BO.LT"

Interview with Matthew Roche CEO of BO.LT

Q1 : How did you get the idea to create this awesome web social bookmarking service?

We have a long background in web pages and design – we built the first site on the web to ever generate $1MM in revenue in one day! Along the way, we have gained a respect for the range and quality of content that people consume and share through pages. With the advent of Tumblr and Twitter, we saw that pages were no longer link destinations, but were actually social objects, and that people wanted to share them just like they shared pictures and videos.

Yet the only available options were bookmarking sites or link-sharing sites, most of which really considered the page as an afterthought.We believe that context, credit, real recommendation, and narrative are only possible when you have a place to combine images, video, text, and any other media together to tell a story. For now, that is a page, and we are the place to share them!

Q2 : How does BO.LT benefit the users and how do they use it?

Lets be straight – the primary benefit is that when you put a page into Bolt, it doesn’t go away and it continues to work. That is really a first. I like to joke that a Bolt is a Pin that won’t fall out. And I think that people like that you can collect stuff you find interesting and that there is a great community that cares about what you share.

Q3 : As we know you have mention that BO.LT copy the page and store in your server. So if the site goes offline or down people may still see it as we give them BO.LT url?

That is the case. We store the images, CSS, and JavaScript, so the page is something you are proud to share, not something you stuff in a file because you may care about it later.It took almost two years to get right. And there is more than one server! In fact, we have servers all over the map to make sure the pages are fast.

Q4 : What are the new features we will come to see in the future expansion of BO.LT?

There is a lot to do around giving more control over collections, letting folks re-sort bolts and collections to organize their stuff better and present it well. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Suffice to say our goal is that we are going to create a fundamentally new way to share, not just another tile-based image browser.

Thank you so much Sir for doing interview and answering all of our questions. Best wishes in your startup. Rock On!

"Amit Verma on BO.LT"

Amit Verma on BO.LT (BO.LT Profile)

Note : For our readers or blog viewers we have created early access invite link to get in this beta version of BO.LT use the link mention below. Only first 100 invites with this link. Use it and get in BO.LT :


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  1. Sounds interesting Amit!

    However, does this means another social media or platform to keep updating- is it? Or can it be used to simply store or share content? 

    I haven’t yet gone ahead and read the link fully, though want to know about editing the content. Does it mean that people can edit any content and make it their own and post it out ( or make it their own)? Then what about copyright issues?

    Would love to know the answers :)

  2. johnantony says:

    BO.LT gives you a way to save, organize and share stories, articles and vacation plans. 

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