Beyond Fitness – A Holistic Approach To Weight Loss (Review)

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On March 28, 2012
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Filled with wisdom, shared experienced, practical exercises and inspiring messages, "Beyond Fitness" is the perfect companion book to anyone is search of a true solution to health and well-being.

"Beyond Fitness - A Holistic Approach To Weight Loss"

Weight gain is a cause not a cause, not a consequence. Fix the cause and you’ll stay fit forever. There is a breakthrough, an unconventional approach that truly works. There is a secret to well-being, an ancient mystery long forgotten that lies within you. 

Beyond Fitness reveals this secret to those who are truly ready to grasp it. In this book, you discover much more that a weight loss system, you also gain access to a practical and proven path t long-term health and happiness. This path uncovers a mind-challenging journey that takes you through self-discovery and leads you to self-empowerment.

Eliminate the obstacle to permanent weight-loss, deprogram the never-ending yo-yo dieting and recreate your life in its highest and most beautiful light

Open the gate to your Soul and vibrate with this ancient and surprising secret

Learn how to deprogram emotional addictions and replace your limited beliefs with a new, empowered blueprint

Take control, once and for all, of your health and well-being by simply going “Beyond Fitness”

Filled with wisdom, shared experienced, practical exercises and inspiring messages, “Beyond Fitness” is the perfect companion book to anyone is search of a true solution to health and well-being.

The last 30 years, the western world has sought, in vain, for solution to find balance and its search has led it in the spending of billions of dollars in products to lose weight without never finding the source of the weight gain, at the first place. Albert Einstein, genius for many, said it very well: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and one again and expecting difference results”. Nothing new has been done beside filling the weight loss market with an overwhelming amount of products. After surveys, the percentage of obesity and overweight individuals in the western world is still steadily growing. Trying to fix the consequence can only lead to temporarily improve the consequence yet it cannot change the situation. One must be willing to go to the source.

The constant struggle for perfect figure and lesser pounds comes at a price that is paid without truly knowing what one gets out of the deal. Weight Loss isn’t only a physical challenge. Indeed, the physical part of it only is the surface of the iceberg that hides way more that fat or oversized issues. It hides the loss of the self and the lack of understanding about the holistic and intricate multidimensional being that the Human experience is.

This book offers a new approach that goes beyond the facts given by mainstream media and known solutions. This book offers a window onto the world beyond the body. A glimpse of how to access the universal understanding about the self, the reality and our own power to change, transform and improve our own life.

It took me 15 years of yoyo-dieting and self sabotage patterns to realize what was missing, uncover my own truth and unleash my own power. Today, I am weight-worry free, meaningfully walking and purposefully engaged.

ModernLifeBlogs gives a space for the new, the daring, the innovative and everything that can spark the soul and give anyone a sense of reconnection to Life at the source. As a true leader in innovation and mind-shifting concepts, ModernLifeBlogs not only features this book about weight loss that may change your Life but more so it gives it to you for free.

If you feel compelled to dive into your own understanding and if you feel driven by finding a way to be healthy, balance and at peace with your choices, feel free to download the PDF version of “BEYOND FITNESS” at no-cost. Discover the Fundamental Matrix that can help your center your thoughts, choices and decision process and above everything discover yourself.

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  1. Meredith Allison @RockTique says:

    You nailed it Amit! I survived a decades long battle w/anorexia & I can confirm that no, it is NOT about simply finding the right diet and losing weight. There IS so much more. Until society realizes this, it’ll stay a never ending battle. I truly hope many people read your review (and the book of course) as it will help so many to ‘stop the insanity’ before they continue through a lifetime of needless hell!

    • Aline Hanle says:

      Hi Meredith! Thank you for sharing your words and experience with us! Thank you also for sharing the post on your twitter stream! Following you now! @Catalyst303:twitter