7 Tips To Take Your Life From Average To Awesome

"7 Tips To Take Your Life From Average To Awesome"

Most of us know that perfection is overrated. Amongst us, fewer understand that excellence holds as much greatness and much awesomeness as perfection, condensed in a format, that we, human beings, can actually fit in, modify and rearrange with our truth and from which we can experience a greater Life. Awesomeness holds a space of magnificence in simplicity and awe-inspiring vibrations in essentiality. It is the grand stage for authenticity to be shared and felt. While Life invites all of us to live, in complete awesomeness, at all time, the illusion that we cannot, either by fear of rejection or judgment, is yet too strong for many to dare embodying excellence. So this post is dedicated to all of us whose fear may linger in our life where Love should be settling.

Here are 7 tips to gradually help release the fear of unworthiness, embrace the love for being unique and simply take your life from average to awesome!

1). Observe Fear

The path to awesomeness begins with the realization about everything that isn’t awesome. Fear is the revealer of everything opposite to excellence. While fear is the master of our spiritual growth, it has to be handled with care. Fear is a voice of darkness begging for the light. Observation of the voice through listening and awareness of feelings is a way of giving permission for this fear to exist so that it can express itself. This is not only necessary but more so essential to move from being stuck in a dead-end and self-sabotage patterns into a hopeful space of new possibility.

2). Contemplate Duality

The Contemplation of the fear invites ultimately the contemplation of its opposite. Realize that a universe founded on harmony requires two opposite forces to exist simultaneously as one so that they can neutralize each other and simply exist together as one. This moment of contemplation also neutralize fear because it gives fear a way to perceive its twin-energy and perceive a way to get united again.

3). Understand Your Need

Being able to perceive two opposites simultaneously helps us bring clarity to our need. It gives a sense of direction, a sense of purpose and eventually begins to let us reveal a path to get there. Our need understood is 50% of our need answered. Ultimately what we need is what we feel a lack of. Our awareness and understanding about it, always take us to the place that we need to fill.

4). Identify Your Strength

When the need has been understood, it is time to shift the mind into the discovery of the inner-strength that is held in the center of all that breathes. We all have a strength through which we naturally and effortlessly express our Truth. Diving into the exploration of the self is journeying into the mounts and valleys of our being only to discover the kind of journeyer we are. Everyone has a unique way to travel and becoming aware of this way is uncovering a power beyond the eyes.

5). Accept Your Vulnerability

As we have already explained in our point #2, the concept of duality in inevitable. Therefore wherever there is strength, there is vulnerability along the way. Rejecting vulnerability is disempowering our experience from the very anchor it is given to reveal strength. The very acceptance of one’s weakness ultimately gives a way to attract strength as the natural universal harmony always prevails.

6). Embrace Your Wholeness

As seen just before, the beauty and power about life are in its wholeness. Embracing the whole through the dichotomy of its duality and differences is an individual challenge and a collective journey back into the Source. Once we embrace our wholeness, authenticity becomes the way and from there awesomeness as a window through which it can be perceived, recognized, seen, experienced and shared.

7). Express Your Awesomeness

When our life becomes truly who we are without compromise, we become a channel for the source to be seen as it exists essentially. Our energy field vibrates naturally higher and this is how our brilliance, presence and confidence get grounded into the Earth. Sharing becomes a way to connect with the source through others. When we live from our truest sense of self, we attract those who live the same way and ultimately the alchemy released from these relationships are made of unconditional love, true compassion and an endless sense of respect for uniqueness. Welcome to your destination. You just have entered “Conscious Awesomeness”

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Great read Aline, I think the basic need of having a purpose in life and a sense of belonging is the foundation of happiness.

    • Hello Aliosha! Thank you your read! I am 100% agree with you.. Purpose & belonging are the two most essentials that nurture the Soul & let it unfold a path where each step is made of happy moments leading us meaningfully back “home”.. Come back visit us!!

  2. Chuck says:

    This was a very good article. I like the way that that the tips are interowoven and end with express your awesomeness.

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