5 Steps To Remember Abundance And Find Your Wealth

"5 Steps To Remember Abundance And Find Your Wealth"

Prosperity is the result of remembering abundance and finding ourselves standing in the middle of it. A prosperous life is a redundancy. Life is prosperous by nature. Its essence is of unlimited resources, therefore being alive makes us prosperous by nature. The memory of this nature is the first key to see it unfolding before our eyes. The second key is to realize where this memory exists, the third is keeping this memory alive, the fourth is living from it and the fifth is to share it.

Here is the 5 step-path to wealth from which the gold you get is the riches you reach within the diamond you hold :

What is abundance?

The reason why we must remember abundance before creating it, is that abundance is the flow from which we are born and the one from which we create our reality. It isn’t something to re-invent in our dreams, it is something to conceptualized from our dreams.
Abundance is the limitless creative substance in quantity. Since it is endless, its existence simply is and our work is to tune into it. Imagine a highway; you are the vehicle on the road and this is your will to get on it or not. Whether you are traveling on it or not, doesn’t change the fact that the highway exists.

Where is abundance?

Abundance of Life is essentially everywhere, at all times and for everyone. Although it exists as so in its essence, the vibration at which it is experienced in this reality is very often lessened through the mind perception. Life, the way it is at the source, is known as so, from the heart and unless it is remembered from there, through feelings and emotions, it will be processed by the mind through thoughts and perceptions. Abundance is a concept that must be felt before it is thought or planed.

"Abundance Circle"

Abundance Circle : Credit : http://bit.ly/GIuLB8

How to reveal abundance?

Abundance is to be brought from the source to this reality by taking the way it feels in your heart as a path to pave your actions. Feel abundance in your heart and let this feeling be your guide. Each time that your thinking process brings a thought, take it gently to your heart and compare it to the feeling of abundance. If both align, then the thought and the path align. Ultimately, one thought at a time you walk the path of abundance and consequently, abundance is revealed.

How to live from abundance?

As understood above, abundance is an inner-sense of self linked to the very essence that breathes through you. To live from abundance is to remain connected to the source and like a student trusting the silent master, it implies that whether or not the mind sees separation, the unalterable bridge to the Sacred undoubtedly remains. Through conscious awareness, you may learn how to live from the source and recognize abundance in the many ways it chooses to come your way. The abundance you live in your reality, no matter what form it takes is born out of the repetitive thoughts and feelings you focus on – consciously or not – The essential alignment between feelings, thoughts and deeds is the sacred path to expressing life from the source.

How to share your abundance?

What you focus upon the most is what you bring to you the most, therefore what you are able to share the most. What you wish to be brought to you, in abundance, is what you must be willing to give unselfishly to another. One can only give, what one knows to own. No matter what you wish to share, you must first know that you are it. Focus on what you wish to give and you will know what your ultimate wealth is about, then give it away as you know that nothing can ever interrupt the flow from where this wealth is sourced.

"Abundance Quotes"

Abundance Quotes : Credit : http://bit.ly/GIuOgp

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. DebbyBruck says:

    Hello Aline ~  We have so much to be thankful for each day. Waking up in abundance starts the day off on the right foot. Blessings, Debby

    • Yes! We do! Indeed.. Abundance is very often hidden in the insignificant moments of the day.. Those that makes all of our memories.. Bless you! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your energy!

  2. Awesome post on abundance, it’s so close to us all the time and yet seems so far for most. Thanks for pointing out how simple and easy it really is to live the abundance we all have access to in every moment. Much love…

    • Hello William! Simplicity is so essential to Life and holds so much of all that we are that, as you said.. We have access to abundance through its gate in every moment.. Thank you so much for sharing your thought! Have a blessed day! <3

  3. Thank You Joan for your read and an even greater thank you for your awesome tip! Wow.. What a great way to remain soothed in the abundant moment with this simple daily reminder! :-) Enjoy your week-end!

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