5 Social Conversation Apps For Your iPhone & Android

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"5 Social Conversation Apps For Your iPhone & Android"

Mobile is a great way to connect with others nowdays and social media platforms incraesing day by day and we all love to connect with our loved ones all the time (friends, relative, family etc.) Best way to connect with them quickly is our smartphones. iPhone and Android our the two leaders who have plenty of apps to make this work faster and joyful.

So in this post we have brought some cool apps for you to discover and get connected with your loved one. Here are five best social conversation apps for your iPhone and Android. Let’s Check Out :

1). Life360 Family Locator

"Life360 Family Locator"

Family Locator by Life360 is the most accurate and powerful locator service.Life360 Family Locator lets you know:-Where your family members are located-What safety points and threats are nearby-When anyone is safe or needs helpBonus: Family Locator also comes with our free FamilyChannel™ group messaging service.With over 12 million users, Life360 Family Locator is the leader in mobile safety. They featured by Fox News, The Huffington Post, and ABC News and recognized as the most powerful, accurate, and battery efficient family locator available. Life360 Family Locator is the only locator application that is also compatible with regular phones, so you can locate family members who don’t have smartphones.

Download : iPhone | Android

2). Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT

"Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT"

Push to Talk, text, photos, location, groups, cross platform and no ads Turn your phone into a Walkie Talkie.Don’t waste time on phone calls and voicemails.Voxer® is a Walkie Talkie app for smartphones. Send instant Audio, Text, Photo and Location messages to one friend or a group of your friends.Your friends can listen to your message while you talk or check it out later. Voxer turns your Android device into the ultimate PTT (Push To Talk) real-time Walkie Talkie.

Download : iPhone | Android

3). Vonage Mobile

"Vonage Mobile"

TALK AND TEXT FOR FREE, WORLDWIDE. Introducing the Vonage Mobile® app, a new Android™ and iPhone® app that lets you make FREE high-def calls and send FREE texts to anyone who has the app worldwide. And you also get amazing savings on international calls to anyone who hasn’t yet downloaded the app. It’s that easy.

Download : iPhone | Android

4). WalkMeHome Free

"WalkMeHome Free"

WalkMeHome™ is an app that lets your loved ones “walk you home” when you feel insecure. With WalkMeHome, you can select some of your closest friends to be your Guardian Angels. When you need it you can invite your Guardian Angels to keep a watchful eye, share your position with them, and you’ll immediately see in the app which ones are there for you.Your Guardian Angels do not need to have the application on their phone for it to work. The Angels just need to have a cell phone that can receive text messages. The text message indicates the address where you are and a link to a map. To see the map they need to have a browser in their phone.With a single keystroke, you can alert your Guardian Angels and communicate where you are or call your Guardian Angels. You can also easily call for emergency alarms if needed.

Download : iPhone | Android

5). GroupMe


GroupMe is the best way to chat with everyone you know. It’s absolutely free, whether you’re talking to a group of friends, or texting with one person. Best of all, it works on nearly every phone, via push or SMS. With GroupMe, it’s easy to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere.On GroupMe, you can catch up with your family, get a group together for a night out, coordinate with co-workers, or just gossip with a few of your closest friends.

Download : iPhone | Android

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  1. Aline Hanle says:

    Great list!!!! Just installed couple of these!! Thank you Amit! Keep smiling! :-)

  2. johnantony says:

    Great List!!!
    It is really useful .