5 Evidences That Love Exists In Your Life

"5 Evidences That Love Exists In Your Life"

The human being is born from Love, is surrounded by Love and shall return to Love. While we can try to persuade our mind about this truth, there will always be a doubtful taste left by the noise of our ego reminding us that maybe it isn’t true. While Faith is the only space where this Truth can be soulfully known, there is a bridge on which one can walk to enable the mind to feel guided along the path to remembrance. A path that lets the mind perceive the greater picture about itself. This path is the path of the seen and the known. The path of the evidence that makes no sense but that one cannot ignore.

Here is 5 evidences that Love exists in your Life so that you are reminded that wherever you are, love is and wherever you go, Love goes.

1). Emotional Overflow

"Emotional Overflow"

Emotional Overflow : Credit : http://bit.ly/Algsun

Love is the flow that is contained in your body – Your body being the container of Life. Your emotional system is the flow through which love exists. Each time you have an overflow of emotions that you body cannot contain, it produces an uncontrollable urge to release to extra through tears, laughters, stronger heartbeats, sudden sweat, chills and shivering, blushing..

This reaction is Love being experienced within the container and not being able to be contained in it. The overflow must be surrendered so that the container maintains its harmony.

2). Memory of smiles

"Memory of smiles"

Memory of smiles : Credit : http://bit.ly/yP1zx8

Love that has been experienced creates an instant memory that becomes imprinted in the universal library. Each time your mind accesses this memory, your smile raises without a direct connection to the circumstance you live at the moment but to the Love you remember.

3). Friendship


Friendship : Credit : http://bit.ly/xYMkD1

On all the most beautiful evidences of Love, Friendship is the definite greatest one. Friends are the embodiment of Love. A love that forgives, understands, supports, encourages and comforts. Whenever you seek a proof of Love, look at your friend. This one who has been there in your best and your worst, your success and failure, your strength and vulnerability.

4). Music and silence

"Music and silence"

Music and silence : Credit : http://bit.ly/yMY0UH

Love communicates without words. It does use the flow of Life through emotions. Two of the greatest revealers of emotion are music and silence. Through music, emotions align with frequencies. Through open silence, the energy field aligns with unconditional Love. Each time a certain music creates a sensation of elevated state of being, your entire energy field aligns with that sensation. Listening to an inspiring music provides your body with a physical sensation of higher frequencies closer to Love. A meditative state of being using silence as a vessel to carry the mind let the body vibrates at greater frequency, also closer to Love.

5). Children


Children : Credit : http://bit.ly/wXEBwX

The last but certainly not the least of the evidences that Love is everywhere is the presence of children. The space in which the child exists is the un-compromised sense of Life where the only moment that ever exists is now. Children naturally hold the energy of innocence. Innocence permeates Love and Love permeates Life. Each time you find yourself in the presence of children, your inner-child is naturally comes out and you are reminded that Love is here.

Although subtle, these evidences are present and while their presence is undeniable, it cannot become obvious without a touch of awareness and a decision for a conscious Living. Choose to become part of the moment of now and observe what your body and environment reflect back to you. There lies Love and there is where you will find yourself.


Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Jen says:

    What a beautiful post! Really cheered me up on a miserable Monday morning! x

  2. Wonderful and cheerful post!

    Yes indeed, love DOES exist and there seems to be nothing without it :) Awesome pictures and great flow of words.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Always love a reminder of these things.  It makes me smile, feel grateful and feel love on the giving end and the receiving end.
    Aloha wags!

  4. nice post ……. u hit the nail on the head with every single point!

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