4 Social Media Laws Of Success In Soulful Words

"4 Social Media Laws Of Success In Soulful Words"

Social Media, being the most influential virtual path to connectedness, it requires a few guidelines to experience it in the most meaningful and friendly way. As its name indicates it, it is social first and foremost. Social means that people are brought together and like all great ideals, this one also, comes with a set of common laws that provides a healthy ground for communication, exchange and connection to unfold in the greatest way.

I called them the four Soulful Laws of Social Media Success:

1). Responsibility


Responsibility : Credit : http://bit.ly/wTyUqs

Social media is a space where connection isn’t only possible but more so it is the very foundation of it. Relationships are so precious that, like any precious things, they must be handled with responsibility. Relationship is a sweet responsibility and for a reason. It has the power to build long-term friendships, business opportunities, personal growth realizations and more.

The human being is the first resource of connectedness and as so, it must be treated with great care. Responsibility grants you a sense of leadership that is immediately recognize as magnetic, trustworthy and of inner-authority. These offer you a space to be and feel trusted. Be responsible with your information, sharing and links.

2). Authenticity


Authenticity : Credit : http://bit.ly/wq1Ntv

The nature of Social Media is virtual and like any virtual space, the emphasis on authenticity is essential. The human being who is seeking for connection on Social Media hasn’t found it anywhere else. It is first and foremost seeking for a space of authenticity. The world flashes too many falseness and hidden parts through its mainstream communication channels. What the world is desperate for is a sense of authenticity that reminds it that there is a Truth beyond all the deceptions.

Authenticity gives you an edge, a uniqueness, an originality and these give you a way to be You un-compromised. When the human being can experience self-expression, he can share a space for another to experience his or hers. Be authentic in your relationship.

3). Interaction and Connection

"Interaction and Connection"

Interaction and Connection : Credit : http://bit.ly/ykfRNy

Social Media, like any communication invention was the product of the innate need for individuals to connect, interact, discover, learn and grow. The most perfect tool for consciousness to expand. While the tool exist, the way of using it remains in the hand of the ones who holds the power to share it. Interacting with another is the key.

What interaction implies is listening, responding, encouraging and supporting. It is based on what one can give, share and offer without expectations of any return. The blessing of Social media is in the purity of intention for connection. Be interactive with respect, purity of intention and of the service.

4). Love


Love : Credit : http://bit.ly/yAETvt

The highest form of connection is Divine Love. Technology has brought to our mind the vessel to convey this feeling using the virtual as the fastest way to share it. The realization that lives can be shared not because they are touched physically but because they are transformed inwardly is one of the most soulful realization that Social Media offers.

What else but Love can connect people who have never met or know nothing about another and yet are willing to safely open to a stranger? There is only one: Love. Social Media deals with Love and the reason why it is so essential to cherish our virtual connections is that they give more of a true picture about the way we Love our own self than any other close physical relationship. Be Loving in your sharing.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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  1. Thank you for sharing, all of these points are so true! Love this one,  “Be interactive with respect, purity of intention and of the service.”

  2. I love this post Amit. A true roadmap for success in social media!! =))

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