Valentine Day Celebration Tips By Twitter Friends

"Valentine Day Celebration Tips By Twitter Friends"

Many of you love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love. But there many others who celebrate this day by spreading the happiness and love with their family, friends or relatives. Valentine Day is the day of love but according to my views you have to celebrate every day like this only by spreading love and joy. Sharing is caring and if you share your happiness with someone then you able to get the full value of enjoying life and this will surely makes you feel double happy.

"Amit Verma Twitter Question"

So want to know how people really celebrating this day i started the conversation on twitter and asked question to my twitter followers and friends and by doing this i got awesome response that i am going to share with you all on this post. Hope you all like it. Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Keep Spreading Love and Smiles :-)

Valentine Day Celebration Tips By Twitter Friends

1). @Marcome


According to tradition, Valentine’s day is an occasion to underline and express our gratitude to our loved ones. I’ve always liked giving out little cards to my family but also to people I work with on that day..! Over the years, I got to revisit this celebration and gave it a new meaning. As I was single for a few years, I decided to extend it to friends as well. This year, I will share my Valentine’s dinner with a bunch of friends along with my husband & son, celebrating Love and friendship. After all, shouldn’t love be unconditional and inclusive? So I suggest you celebrate the fact that YOU are precious and worthy and that you please yourself that day, just for the sake of allowing more love and kindness to flow in your life! As a famous guy puts it : Love yourself like others!

2). @CynthiaY29

"Cynthia Yildirim"

I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my children, or maybe on a date if I am lucky. Either way I will be happy. I will also be celebrating on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ with all my social media friends that I love. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

3). @Catalyst303

"Aline Hanle"

This Valentines Day should be no different than any other day. It should be a day filled with Love, joy and infinite possibilities. It should be a days filled with challenges and ways to overcome them all. It should be a day to care for self and others. It should be a day that brings more Life into life and that finds the blessing in the moment, no matter what the moment brings. Although not different in essence, its experience is given a greater space for consciousness to move into more love as one conscious wave. I will meditate on this wave and allow myself to melt in it to remember. The celebration is the moment when the memory is revealed.

4). @Alicebadler

"Alice badler"

I believe in our society, too much emphasis is put on “what is the woman going to get from her man”. It seems to me the men in our lives deserve the same in return. Especially because my darling beau takes me to lovely dinners all the time and is so beautiful to me in his love, generosity, support and caring of me.I always go to my b/f’s house on Tuesdays, so this works out just great for me – I have a key and typically get there before he gets home. He will arrive to find me dressed to thrill. What he will not know is underneath I will be wearing a cami that says, “I am in love with THE BEST”. Later on in the evening I will give him a pair of boxer shorts I had custom made (as I did the cami) that says “THE BEST” on them. He will love the boxers but I’m thinking he will be even more delighted when he see’s the cami I am wearing. Of course I got boyshorts as well that reads “Ken’s girl”. I also got him a techy toy he has been coveting and is definitely not expecting.He thinks he is taking me out to dinner. What he will walk into is a tray of delicious appetizers and a fine wine he likes very much indeed. The smells of his favorite meal will fill his home. This year, is the year of the man!!!

5). @Ellies58

"Eleanor Jodway"

I will spend/share My Valentine’s Day by……¸¸.•*¨*♥¸¸.•*¨*♥¸¸.•*¨*♥Sending waves of Love around the world, to create human chain of LOVE! (¯`°´¯)

6). @ProsperityGal

"Michele Price"

Valentines starts within, ya you knew I would get deep on you, right!I celebrate ways I show myself love. If I do not love me first, how can i give what I do not posses? I take a nice luxurious aromatherapy bath and talk with appreciation to every part of my body, mind and spirit. I anoint myself with oils that have feminine essences in them, like ylang-ylang, jasmine, tangerine, and vetiver. I thank every part of my body for taking care of me without complaint and send it love.Then after work that day I make me a delicious dinner ( that I enjoy-it changes every year). The point is I make it ceremonial, lighting candles, listening to music that makes my heart happy. When my heart is happy so is my ability to love.

7). @DebbyBruck


On the date February 14, 2012 many people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day which has significance between lovers. People give their heart to one another. On this particular day, which corresponds to the 21st day of the month of Shevat on the Hebrew calendar, I will attend a Kabbalah class in understanding the mysticism behind God’s words given in the Torah.Thus, I will give a small portion of my day to nourish my soul, which belongs to God, who kindly returns it to me each day to continue my mission on earth to spread love, kindness, and compassion.I will listen to my rabbi’s teachings about the history of prophets and learn from their experience, knowledge and closeness to God. This week focuses upon the giving of the Ten Commandments and the connection between spiritual and material. This Sabbath, I learned that one meaning of the number “3” is much more than simply counting “1” or “2” or “one plus two.” For the number “3” represents the melding of these two, which was a split of the number that represents unification, one alone into two disparate parts. The number “3” mediates conflict and brings two together into harmony. If only people can bring this link into their heart and soul, then the world could live in peace.We can see that God’s spirit, above, cannot be seen or touched, as illustrated in the story of Mount Sinai which was in flames, fire and smoke as holy ground. Only Moses, who represents that link and connection of the number three, carried the tablets down to the people, where they live on earth in the material world. The laws guide them how to live a holy and righteous life.In this same way, when two people come together in love and marriage with a commitment to each other, between them lives the holy spark of God (the third party in the marriage) who brings their two souls together as one. And to think that God exists within each and both parties helps to dispel conflicts throughout a lifetime.Personally, I had already given my husband a special greeting card last week, so that he can view the thoughts for an entire seven days, instead of just the one day. I have been preparing nice dinners for us to appreciate this time together. I feel fortunate to have him in my life. He already brought to me a green plant which has graced a little arrangement on the counter. I look at it daily and remember his thoughtfulness. We appreciate the simple and routine things in our day together after 38 years of joyous marriage.

8). @Projectmaven

"Deborah Pannell"

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that sometimes feels a little forced, as we are told we should be giving each other diamond jewelry and other expensive gifts. I prefer quiet, more subtle expressions of love and affection – handwritten letters and small homemade gifts, or even flowers. Plus, I know my son will want to give valentines to his classmates at school, so it will be fun to help him with that. If I do any major celebrating with my honey (beyond cuddling up together), we may just go out to dinner the night AFTER Valentine’s Day, when the restaurants aren’t so crowded. I do know that I will take the holiday as an opportunity to express my feelings of appreciation to those who are special to me.

9). @Kg_photography

"Kimberly Gauthier"

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional way. Valentine’s Day seems to focused on buying for women that I always say I don’t want anything (and mean it). I like to surprise my boyfriend with something that I know he’ll love – domesticity. I’ll come home, clean the house and cook dinner. We plan to build a garden this year so I’m going to create a garden plan for us to have fun pouring over while we eat.

Thanks so much for participating in this conversation and sharing your awesome response and i would like to thanks my readers and supporters. Thanks for your reading and support if you have any tips or suggestion please mention below on comment sections. Happy Valentine’s Day ((Hugs))

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  1. Wonderful list of ideas Amit!

    Great ideas and ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ones you love. I guess it needn’t really be spending time with only your lover or spouse, as Valentine’s day can be spent with just about anyone whom you love. it could be your family, friends, pet, or anyone you like.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful people and their ideas with all of us :)

  2. Meredith Allison @RockTique says:

    I love this post Amit, so interesting to read how others will ‘celebrate’! Thanks for putting this together :) Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Amit what an eye opener to see others perspective on the holiday and themselves. I know how much work it is to create a post like this-looks easy but is tedious. Thanks for caring enough to take time to share.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Amit ~ Thank you for providing the space to talk about our special day and perspective on this holiday, that seems to have expanded outward around the world like a blossoming flower. Modern Life Blogs has brought many people together to discuss important topics about health, self-care, happiness and “love.” In gratitude, Debby

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