Twitter Tips : Ideas For What To Tweet

"Twitter Tips : Ideas For What To Tweet"

By far and away the best piece of advice I can give on Twitter is to post great information.

What are your followers interested in?
What information do they want to know?
What are their questions?
What motivates them?
Why are they following you?

I always say to people – “give your followers a reason to continue following you!”

This might be by posting links to information and products you think they will be interested in. It could be by posting anecdotal stories about things which are happening to you – or answering people’s questions about the niche, giving advice, talking to people.

Make sure your Tweets aren’t just a series of promotions. Point people in the direction of free content, share your knowledge, show off your passion and make connections.

Let’s say your primary niche is internet marketing. Your followers are people who want to learn about internet marketing – people who want to build an online business or make more money online.

They are following you because they want to learn from you and they are looking at you as an authority source.

Tweeting good information will make your followers responsive and you’ll find that you start generating new followers without actively going out there and looking for them yourself.

Talk to people (that is absolutely crucial) and concentrate on building relationships with your followers. Use a ratio of 90/10 where 90% of the time you are sharing other peoples Tweets, sharing helpful things and talking with people and 10% of the time you are being self promotional.

Timing is key too. Try to tweet regularly but not so often that it takes over your life and annoys the heck out of your followers!

If you follow this advice you should be well on your way to creating a great presence on Twitter.

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  1. Thank you for the tips! :-) Practice makes it better! Let’s Tweet this great post! Sharing matters! :-) 

  2. Great post! I especially like the 90/10 advice regarding the type of tweets you post. Very informative and helpful!! Thank you for sharing. =))

  3. Doc_1 says:

    I love your 90/10 rule, Amit. Learning to function well on Twitter is a process. One of the things that I have learned as I approach the end of my first year is about how to promote others effectively to my followers, while still trying to promote myself.

    Good post.


  4. DebbyBruck says:

    Great Advice, Angela

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