Twitter Tips : How To Get Followers On Twitter

"Twitter Tips : How To Get Followers On Twitter"

Twitter now boasts millions of members, it is no longer something you can put off or ignore. Twitter is incredibly popular, the growth rate is exponential, and it’s here to stay.

There are thousands and thousands of great people to network and socialize with on Twitter, and you can reach them all. Just follow the simple advice in this article and you’ll get followers on Twitter in a snap.

Here are some tips to get followers on Twitter by attracting them to you:

Have an interesting profile :

To get followers on Twitter you want to consider what you say in your profile. Think about why someone would want to do business with you or create a connection with you. You have to be someone worth following.

Be both interested and interesting, and don’t just be “all about business”. Just like in normal life, always talking about your business is boring. You’ve got to be more than your business opportunity – just be yourself!

Be sure to have a photo :

I think this goes without saying but if you are trying to use Twitter to network or build a business you need to have a photo. It is hard for people to build trust or establish a relationship with you if your profile photo is the Twitter egg.

When I see someone using the egg as their profile photo it shows me they are not willing to put the time and effort into Twitter and it is not someone I am interested in following.

Tweet during peak times : 

To get followers on Twitter you need to Tweet when people can actually see your Tweets. If you are tweeting when people are sleeping it will not be effective. The most effective times I have noticed are between 7-9 am cst, 12 pm cst and between 7-9 pm est.

Retweet helpful and interesting things :

This is a great strategy because people love to have their Tweets retweeted and many times they will then follow you back. This is also effective because when you are sharing helpful and interesting things people start to pay attention and that will help you get followers on Twitter.

Have conversations :

This is where I think too many people miss the boat on Twitter. I see far too many people using Twitter as a place to talk without listening. It is like going on a date and having your date talk the whole time without asking a question or getting to know you.

It is hard to attract people to you when all you do is share links or self promote. The most successful people I see on Twitter are people using Twitter to interact with other people and build relationships.

Twitter is an excellent social networking tool, and by applying the advice in this article you will get followers on Twitter easily. I would love to hear your feedback. What are some other things you have done to get followers on Twitter?

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  1. Rock on! Thank you for sharing some tricks! <3

  2. Phil Seo says:

    These tips are great! I just joined Twitter and hoping to read more resource about getting more fans.

  3. Rajesh Menon (Guru30) says:

    Thanks for the tips Angela.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice succinct list of suggestions. We’re talking now.

  5. Bob Rowell says:

    Great suggestions, well expressed. I wonder when the optimal tweet times for my (my club’s) target audience are. And I still wonder about how effective Twitter is for local nonprofit orgs. I’m in the beginning of an experiment to find out. (Its power for nation-wide campaigns is well-substantiated.)

  6. Mishramahesh says:

    very nice

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