Rockmelt : A WOWser To Make Your Social Networking Easy

"Rockmelt : A WOWser To Make Your Social Networking Easy"

Ever wanted the browser that makes your social life more easier and working on it you feel happy and joyful. So now time has come to make your social life more easier and browsing like never before more fun, engaging, interacting with friends at the same time, discuss, chat or share them post updates.

RockMelt is providing a fundamentally better Web experience by re-imagining the browser around how you use the internet today.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love RockMelt :

» Built-in chat so you can stay in touch with friends from any website

» Share button lets you quickly update your status, tweet links, and post on walls

» Social Reading helps you discover the hottest news from friends

» Instant news from your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more

» Automatic sync so you can access the latest news and bookmarks from anywhere

Let’s have a techy and informational journey to know this social browser :

1). Compose



With this feature you can update your social networking like twitter, facebook wall post or even send message at the same time so this way you save time and making your updating more easy and fun.

2). Share

"Share Bar"

Share Bar



This feature lets you share the page you are viewing and you also add comment without leaving the page. 

3). App Center

"App Center"

App Center

Want to get updates from your favorite sites or blogs but you don’t want to jump from one site to another one by one. So this feature helps you a lot. You can add your favorite websites or blog from app center and if you want to add some other blogs which not listed on app center page then you have to simply blog or website name or site url to add them in your app edge.

4). Favorite Friend

"Favorite Friend"

Favorite Friend

This feature enable you to choose which of your friend shows at the top of your Friends Edge for chat.

5). View Later

"View Later Bar"

View Later Bar

"View Later"

View Later

Now this feature we all searching for sometimes we get some new articles to read but we have no time to read that post as we got it. So we cancel and leave that site and then we have to search again to read that article so this feature makes you to read your articles later. Just save it to View Later.

6). Facebook

"Facebook Notification"

Facebook Notification

All your facebook activities now done from your browser only. Confirm friend requests, reply to message and get instant notifications.

7). Social Omnibox

"Social Omnibox"

Social Omnibox

This awesome feature lets you to view your friends wall post, and you can also post on walls, message them and open apps. All in one place. 

8). Quite Mode

"Quiet Mode"

Quiet Mode

Need to work or don’t have time to read social notification. Then you have to enable Quite mode to hide your edges, go offline in chat and disable notification for new updates.

Download Now : Rockmelt Browser

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  1. DebbyBruck says:

    Looks interesting, Amit. Is this for both Windows and Mac? 

    • Amit says:

      Yep it’s for Windows and Mac both. But i have tested it on windows not yet on Mac. So if you have Mac try it. Thanks for your reading and comment ((Hugs))

  2. Becky Joy says:

    Hmm, I think I may have to try this. Thanks Amit.

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Amit,
    Very good collection. Never heard of them before. From the screenshots, it looks like I have to use a totally different browser. I use Google Chrome so it would be great if those services can be run on Chrome itself, without the need to switching to a completely different browser. If you are aware of such services, please post.

    • Amit Verma says:

      Glad you like the info. and review of this awesome browser. While reading your comment i found that you use Chrome browser for your online need. RockMelt is fast, secure, and stable because it’s built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. It’s your browser re-imagined and built for how you use the Web.

      Happy Browsing and your Social Networking. Thanks for your reading. Have a nice day ((Hugs))

  4. html email says:

    Wow, this looks like a really nifty tool. Im going to have to try it out myself!  Also, #8 has a mis-spell-  “Quiet”

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