How To Keep A Positive Attitude & Strong Mental

"How To Keep A Positive Attitude & Strong Mental"

Life is a great ocean to which we are simultaneously the vessels and the sailors. At times, it can be rough and tough and, while these time challenges our abilities to navigate, they also teach us how to excel in our piloting skills. The wisdom about sailing through Life is not to avoid its storms but to learn how to move through it with a dedicated sense of purpose. This sense of purpose is grounded in one concept: our attitude.

A positive attitude is the most determinant instrument of the skilled life navigator. To maintain it isn’t an easy task yet it is the one that offers the most optimum chance to enjoy the journey into the ups and downs of existence called Life. Here a few tips that may help you sail smoothly through the waters of existence.

1). When things get tough, prepare to grow

"When things get tough, prepare to grow"

When things get tough, prepare to grow

Life is a succession of amazing moments that we recognize instantaneously and amazing moments we tend to quickly judge as less worthy of wonderment. The only reason for this is that we all wish for the betterment of our life without being aware that this very wish never comes alone. To access to a level of consciousness that makes us realize what essential happiness is about, we must be willing to experience the surrender of what holds us down. Here is the learning of the challenge and the reward of its wisdom. Remember that tough isn’t necessarily bad especially when it is essential.

2). When you feel lonely, discover aloneness

"When you feel lonely, discover aloneness"

When you feel lonely, discover aloneness

There is one space where a positive attitude comes very handy and It is when loneliness sinks in the center of the mind. The beauty about a state of being in a world of duality is that what exists as one state of being also exists in its opposite. Loneliness expresses a sense of disconnection that, ultimately, invites the mind to seek deeper in reconnection. A positive attitude while in the feeling of loneliness is the bridge that leads the mind towards aloneness where the experience may appear singled but it is lived in a sense of togetherness.

3). When nothing seems to work, accept surrender

"When nothing seems to work, accept surrender"

When nothing seems to work, accept surrender

The system has us worked out pretty hard at doing , doing & keep on doing. While, undoubtedly, work must be done, learning to surrender and simply be may be what needs to be experienced. Pushing and forcing is applying resistance and resistance adds to the experience resisted while surrender embraces it and dissolves it. When faced with the hardship of successive failures, remember that there is always a way and the way may be the humble one.

4). When you feel disappointed, change your aim

"When you feel disappointed, change your aim"

When you feel disappointed, change your aim

Disappointment is the result of an unmet expectation. While setting goals always is a great way to remain focus on a purpose, it may also becomes a burden for those who can’t look at the greater picture from time to time. Readjusting means and purpose is a wisdom that disappointment teaches us. To keep a positive attitude is to allow the mind to remain open to possibilities and therefore to perceive the opportunities that are perched along the way.

5). When everything crumbles, deepen your faith

"When everything crumbles, deepen your faith"

When everything crumbles, deepen your faith

The ultimate situation that a positive attitude helps experienced is when everything around seems to crumble. The positive thinker naturally believes in the goodness of life and while the eyes may not always perceive something positive, the heart knows that all always is. Faith is directly linked to the positive thinker as the foundation of its behavior. Indeed it takes a man/woman of faith to stand amongst the no-thing.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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