Beyond Leadership : The 5 Essentials That Build A Leader

"Beyond Leadership : The 5 Essentials That Build A Leader"

Leadership is a big word. Not necessarily by the number of its letters but by the depth of its meaning. Indeed, words will never be able to qualify with accuracy the tremendous energy with which Leadership expresses Life. It is the most empowered state of being for the self. A space where the Life that exists is channeled through the most authentic version of the self.

How do you build your leadership vibes and what do you have to embody to feel your leadership energy come alive? Here are the 5 essentials that build a leader. They represent the most anchored aspects of leadership. Whoever embodies them, expresses the way of the true leader. And for more information on how you can become a better leader, click here

"The "Knowing Yourself" Strategy"

The “Knowing Yourself” Strategy

The “Knowing Yourself” Strategy is the primary space of the life of a leader. Indeed, it is the most significant and determinant period of the birth of a leader. It is the time spent to experience life and learn the wisdom that it holds. This period represents the basic foundational structure within which the energies of the visionary, the dreamer and the inspirer can flow effortlessly. Without structure, leadership which is a way of being, cannot evolve and be expressed. The greatest leaders have spent time, energy and logistics in discovering their own sense of self and reveal a sense of Presence to themselves.



Responsibility is the space where leadership exists, thrives and grows. Everything about leadership is made of responsibility. Whether it is being responsible for a feeling, a thought, a word or a deed, the leader is empowered with the consequences of its choices and he/she spends no time trying to find ways to escape the liability he/she carries from his/her decisions.



Service has always been part of the foundation of true leadership. Indeed, anything that does not involve service in leadership is merely commanding, ordering and directing. It drives people to accomplish a specific and finite task but it doesn’t empower them with the will to envision something greater than themselves. Leadership implies a sense of expansion and infinite possibility from the ones who leads. This very sense is what is handed out to those being led.



Influence is the key to reveal the potential that exists within each of us. Although this potential may be well-hidden sometimes, leadership never stop seeking it within so that they can bring it out. It seeks in silence more than words and questions more than statements. Influence is an invitation to share with the way by living the way. Influence is kind authority. It leads from the heart and touches the heart. Influence allows the mind to become a servant because the heart is ignited like a wild fire. People wish to do because they saw another do it.



Humility is not only essential, it is, without a doubt, the only space where leadership can last. A leadership that offers a way to promote the greatness of others expresses humility as its most cherished principle. It recognizes that greatness exists within each and everyone without a sense of superiority or inferiority in any way. It recognizes uniqueness as one of the most authentic assets of every human being and as so, remains conscious of equality of existence. Ultimately, this very notion shapes the way of the leader through kindness, compassion, understanding, open-mindedness and gratitude.

The Path to Peace is leadership. The Path to leadership is Love. The path to Love is Humility. ~Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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